Project Highlight

  • The user of the application can speak in the first language and can listen back in second language.
  • This application supports text to speech & speech to text conversion.
  • The user can do reverse language selection from the application.
  • This application supports 90+ languages, for that we have used the Yandex API’s.
  • It supports firebase analytics for better synchronization.
  • This application is integrated with the Google AdMob for earning money by showing ads.
  • Material design is been used for better user experience.
  • The user can copy translated text to clipboard and can paste anywhere.

Solution Provided

  • This application supports more than 90+ languages of translation.
  • The user can enter the text in the app and can get the transition in the text format.
  • The user can click the speech button to speak, which recognize the audio and translated that audio into text.
  • There is an option by which the user can hear back the entered text by clicking on the speaker button.
  • The user can easily share the translated word on Whatsapp, text message, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Our Acknowledgements

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