Project Highlight

  • We have migrated the whole website from Magento 1x version to Magento 2x version.
  • Have the feature where the user will able to purchase the Gift card and can redeem it when needed.
  • Have a loyalty program feature where the customer will get the reward point on purchases.
  • Provided the option for Newsletter subscription;
  • Integrated the live chat option;
  • Optimize the website for better page speed;
  • Customized Quiz module;
  • Built attractive informative pages and video gallery;
  • Design and customize pages according to the clients need;
  • Have the option to generate different sales reports;
  • Integrate Amazon seller central;
  • Made the website SEO friendly;
  • • Integrated the social media platforms to the website such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest & Twitter.

Solution Provided

  • Our team has migrated all the products, customers, orders, CMS pages data, voting data from the client’s old website to the newly built website.
  • Enticing promo pop is designed and build to get more traction from the customers.
  • Our developer and designer have built attractive pages and video galleries where the customers can learn and find out new information related to the product which decreases the bounce rate.   
  • Developer have built a customized quiz option for the customers where they will get 3 predefined questions with multiple choice answers based on the selected option, the product will be highlighted and on hover, it will show the product were on the click event it will redirect to that particular product page.
  • The development team has set up an option to give a vote for the post where the customer has to enter the email and need to submit it to validate the vote.
  • The team has made custom email templates for different events/activities.
  • All major security measures have been taken care of the website and also integrated the reCAPTCHA for every form.
  • The developer has integrated multiple shipping providers into the website, such as UPS, USP, ShipStation, and FedEx.


Our Acknowledgements

We take pride in receiving recognition and accolades by offering unmatched IT and digital marketing solutions