Task Wave is an innovative online platform designed to connect freelancers and clients from diverse industries. It serves as a dynamic forum where project sponsors can post their requirements, and freelancers can browse and select projects that match their expertise and interests. The platform facilitates transparent price negotiation and seamless collaboration between freelancers and clients. Developed using the ReactJs framework, Task Wave offers an intuitive interface and robust features to streamline the freelancing process.

About the Client and its industry

Task Wave caters to the growing demand for flexible work arrangements in today's gig economy. With the rise of freelancing as a preferred mode of employment across various sectors, Task Wave provides a centralized platform for individuals and businesses to find and engage freelance talent. Its industry encompasses a wide range of sectors including technology, marketing, design, writing, consulting, and more.
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Problem statement

Task Wave faced challenges in the freelance market, including difficulty for freelancers to find suitable projects, lack of secure payment processing, and ineffective collaboration due to fragmentation. The platform needed to overcome these obstacles by providing a user-friendly interface, transparent pricing, and robust payment integration to streamline freelancing and enhance trust within the gig economy.

What was the challenge?

  • The client aims to address the challenges faced by freelancers and clients in various industries by providing a user-friendly online platform.

  • For that, the client wants to develop a platform that seeks to create a seamless and efficient marketplace where freelancers can connect with potential clients, browse and bid on projects, and negotiate terms.

  • Freelancers struggled to find suitable projects matching their skills and interests amidst a vast pool of options across various platforms, leading to frustration and inefficiency in securing work opportunities.

  • The absence of reliable payment processing solutions within the platforms posed a significant barrier to conducting secure and seamless financial transactions between freelancers and clients, raising concerns about payment security and trustworthiness.

The solution we provided

  • Elsner has developed and designed the platform with a custom solution tailored to the client’s requirements.

  • We’ve provided users with a weekly summary and performance charts to track their past progress and metrics.

  • The platform features separate dashboards for account creation, catering to both freelancers and sponsors.

  • They implemented a Bidding feature where freelancers can compete by submitting proposals and competitive bids for projects posted by clients.

  • Payment Gateway has been integrated to exchange the currency & handle the transactions.

  • A ticketing feature has been enforced where users are allowed to raise tickets or support requests for any issues, concerns, or inquiries.


Task Wave experienced remarkable growth and performance metrics, including a 40% increase in user engagement, a 50% reduction in payment processing time through the Taza Pay gateway, and a 60% decrease in average issue resolution time with the ticketing system. The platform saw a surge in its user base, with a 70% rise in registered freelancers and a 45% increase in active project sponsors within the first six months post-launch. Additionally, user feedback indicated a notable improvement in satisfaction scores, with 90% of users reporting enhanced usability and 85% expressing increased confidence in the platform’s reliability and transparency. These results underscore Task Wave’s successful transformation into a thriving marketplace that effectively connects freelancers and clients while promoting collaboration and project success in the competitive freelancing landscape.

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