Project Highlight

  • The application will check for the front, rear or other cameras in the device from where the user can switch to camera for scan the barcode/QR code.
  • If the flashlight is available in the device the user can switch the flashlight on/off while scanning the barcode/QR code.
  • User can easily generate the barcode/QR code by entering the valid characters in the application.
  • When the user scans the barcode/QR code, it will be automatically stored in the history and the user can check it anytime from history.
  • It supports scanning of contact Data (VCard, MeCard), telephone call number, URL (site connect), email and address.
  • Two dimensional codes or standardized tags can be scanned such as code 128, code 39, code 93, code bar, information lattice, maxi code, Aztec, ean 8, ean 13, pdf 417, etc.

Solution Provided

  • Internet connection is not required for scanning QR code/barcode.
  • Both the front face/rear camera can be used to scan the barcode with the flash light support.
  • The user can see all the scan history which is automatically saved.
  • The user can easily create the QR code/barcode by entering the required text.
  • This user friendly scanner supports two dimensional codes and standardized tags for scanning.
  • The user can easily share the generated QR code/barcode over Whatsapp, email, messenger, etc.
  • User can save the generated QR code/barcode in the photo gallery.


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