Project Highlight

  • Responsive Designing with Enhanced UI-UX
  • Auto Detection of Users IP/Location
  • Effective Product Browsing
  • Cookie based redirection
  • Implemented fraud detection
  • Integrated Loyalty points

Solution Provided

  • Developed more secure, such as creating a custom admin path instead of the standard path and restricting admin access to a few specific IP addresses.
  • This e-store has all necessary features to effectively showcase and advertise the products as well as help buyers choose the best fitting spares and parts online through the advanced option selection tools and fit guides.
  • Implanted a Cookie based redirection for returning consumers and route them on their last stayed view.
  • Enhanced order cycle to edit placed orders, fraud detection, custom order number prefix, order status and order return management from backend.
  • Customized product listing and navigation filter to load with data-table instead of loading native Magento listing to improve performance and user experience.


Our Acknowledgements

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