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It is one of the leading Switzerland that facilitates the foodies to add delicious recipes and allow them to comment, like and share other recipes. With the help of this cooking application user will get encourage and organize to access the library of recipes. It is the best place to share and find recipes made and shared by users. It provides an amazing platform to folks who like to search and learn new recipes, publish recipes and photos, or share privately with friends and family in our new chat. All the recipes uploaded and present in the library comes from a community of more than millions. For providing amazing user experience application comes with some extended features of view/upload photos, reviews and ratings. The Recipe Mobile App is free and is available to download for both Apple® and Android™ mobile devices.
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What was the challenge?

  • Compatible with both Android and iPhone mobile devices and can also be accessed on any browser.
  • Simple and fast login tool by creating an account either using an e-mail address or via Facebook or Instagram for creating cooking profile.
  • View latest feeds (recipe images, published by, date & time of publish, dish summary, number of likes & comments.
  • Added the practical filter option, which can browse the collection of the recipes quickly and easily, whether it is for a special event, a vegetarian menu or a dish from a particular country.
  • Implemented facility for users to view all other users in list, who has viewed their profile in detail. User can also view their total number of recipes, likes and comments at a single place.
  • Provided the “like” and “comment” option, which can let the interest in the images respectively dishes users.
  • Search for recipes by title, ingredients, meal-type, cuisines and tags.
  • Chat with chef to know how to cook dishes that are published by them.
  • Have all my cooking photos in one place – cooking diary so user can pick any of them and can prepare by following all the steps and details provided in it.
  • High-resolution and real photos: All photos are checked by us before the upload, so that we can offer our users high-resolution and above all real photos of the courts.
  • Simple recipe list with ingredient list: The user has the opportunity to share whole recipes. In order for the recipes to be reproduced without errors and in understandable language, these are checked by us in advance. Nothing is changed in the content.

The solution we provided

  • We have prepared a mobile application which is designed to provide best quality cooking and recipe sharing mobile application.
  • Practical filter option for recipe search: Whether for a special event, a vegetarian menu or a dish from a specific country; The practical filter option allows the user to easily and quickly search the recipe collection.
  • Like & share functionality: By means of the “like” option you can inform other users about their pictures or courts. Thanks to the “share” option, recipes from application can also be easily shared in Facebook, sent by e-mail or published on your own user profile.
  • Designers worked out several options for recipe presentation which would successfully present the core data on the limited space of a mobile screen.
  • No matter if beginner, hobby cook or professional – here the “Foodies” from all over the world meet and share our vision for good food.

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