Project Highlight

  • Mobile Friendly yet Simplistic Design with Enhanced User Experience
  • Multicurrency and Multilingual Support for Website
  • Social Media Sharing and Integration
  • Easy Navigation to Reach the Places of Interest
  • Tour Packages with Detailed Itinerary and Multiple Images
  • News and Blogs Concerning India and Mexico
  • One Page Checkout with Paypal express

Solution Provided

  • We designed a website using 3rd party WordPress template with the intuitive and responsive design.
  • Customised backend in such a way that user can create and manage webpages by simple drag and drop.
  • Tourism page includes various tour plans with tour description (Tour images, itinerary, description, price etc.)Online ordering and payment options of various tour packages and products of India and Mexico.
  • Provided a facility of guest users to like and add comments on advocacy.
  • Integration with social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter) to share and view the latest events and feeds.


Our Acknowledgements

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