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Estate Investment are an essential aspect of the financial market. Estate Investment are securities created from a pool of residential or commercial mortgage loans, providing investors with opportunities to invest in the real estate market indirectly. We will explore the concept, structure, benefits, and risks associated with Estate Investment. We have used Zoho campaigns and leads to work for estate investments where reporting can be done automatically.
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What was the challenge?

  • Initially, the Client developed a website for a Estate investment business but he wanted to start a campaign.
  • After the Google ads campaign, he wanted one application where he can see the data of conversion customers using ads campaign and that can generate more leads.
  • The client wanted the connection of data like leads, contact and all reporting can be done separately in a single application.

The solution we provided

  • Elsner has developed the reporting dashboard of Zoho CRM for Estate investment.
  • We have developed an application where database, leads, contacts and
    campaign has been integrated into a single platform.
  • Users can register by filling the form. It gives them an opportunity to make an investment and using the Zoho campaign they get the response according to their registration and leads.
  • With Zoho ads, Integrated the Zoho reporting tools which can analyse the
    advanced ads that are linked with Google ads campaigns.
  • We have developed a Zoho lead/contact report that tracks progress through the pipeline and integrated it with the existing reports rather than creating a separate one.
  • In Zoho, we have added a click-through report, where users can click on sent
    email but not converted it to lead.

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