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Meditation is a holistic discipline by which the practitioner attempts to get beyond the thinking mind into a deeper state of relaxation with awareness. Our clients’ main aim at E4R is to work with users to nature, create and sustain positive energy. This application is one step on this journey using meditation which helps users to kick-start of their focus on energy management; all they have to do is start.
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What was the challenge?

  • Enhanced User Interface with Engineered User Experience
  • Customized, Native and Extensible Application
  • Set Meditation Alarm with Audio Sounds
  • Meditation Walkthrough
  • Meditation Appointment Setting
  • Ability to Play Multiple Sound at Same Time
  • Online Messenger and Price Bargaining
  • Facility to Set and Edit Custom Alarm

The solution we provided

  • Prepared user-friendly application where, once the time is set, user can get a reminder of Meditation with audio Sound: It Takes a minute for Meditation (Digital voice), Followed by another sound, with a voice of silence for meditation.
  • The audio is prepared and provided by the third party vendors, includes sound of nature water droplets, river flowing and wind.
  • User can view his own progress results/graph. It is like own dashboard which shows current meditation, no. of check-in, all time check-in and before/after meditation graph.
  • Individual can use app to set a target for the length of time they want to meditate each day.
  • Developed Meditation Walkthrough, which displays the content with images of posture, tribute to and explanation about meditation and energy. It can slide it up to ready the content and view images.

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