Edupulse, created an innovative Education Learning Portal, prioritizing user experience and accessibility for students and lecturers alike. With a user-friendly interface, live session capabilities, and robust assessment features, the platform fosters real-time interaction and continuous evaluation. Lecturers can effortlessly onboard and engage students through dynamic sessions, while secure Tabby payment methods facilitate transactions for premium content. The portal's mobile compatibility ensures flexibility, allowing users to access resources anytime, anywhere. Built on a scalable architecture leveraging ReactJS for the front end and Ruby on Rails for the back end, Elsner's solution promises to revolutionize e-learning by enhancing engagement, accessibility, and convenience for all users.

About the Client and its industry:

The client behind the development of Edu Pulse, the education learning portal in Dubai, is a pioneering educational institution dedicated to reshaping the region's educational landscape. Operating within Dubai's innovative educational sector, known for its forward-thinking approach and embrace of advanced technologies, the Edu Pulse project aims to meet the rising demand for interactive and accessible learning experiences. Tailored specifically for Dubai regions, Edu Pulse catalyzes transforming traditional educational methods, empowering learners, fostering collaboration, and contributing to the continuous advancement of education in the region, ensuring quality learning opportunities for all.
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What was the challenge?

  • The Clients identified a gap in access to quality education, particularly in remote or underserved areas. The limited availability of educational resources, qualified instructors, and learning opportunities could have driven the need for an online learning platform.

  • Clients faced challenges scaling their educational programs to reach a wider audience or accommodate growing demand. Traditional classroom-based approaches which have limited the client’s ability to scale operations efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Recruiting and retaining qualified instructors for traditional classroom-based programs can be challenging, especially in specialised or niche subject areas. Clients faced difficulties in sourcing and retaining skilled educators, prompting them to explore online learning platforms as a solution.

  • Designing a user-friendly interface that caters to both students and lecturers, while accommodating various learning styles and preferences, can be challenging. Balancing simplicity with functionality and ensuring intuitive navigation is crucial for user adoption and retention.

The solution we provided

  • The portal developed by Elsner boasts a user-friendly interface, enhancing usability and accessibility for both students and lecturers.

  • Elsner Technologies delivers an education learning portal that creates an interactive environment for students, facilitating convenient access to sessions and assessments.

  • With Elsner’s solution, lecturers can effortlessly register themselves on the platform, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience.

  • The platform enables lecturers to conduct live sessions, fostering real-time interaction and engagement with students, and enhancing the learning experience.

  • We’ve included robust assessment features that allow students to participate in assessments directly within the portal, enabling continuous evaluation and feedback.

  • Elsner seamlessly integrated Tabby payment methods, enabling secure transactions for premium content or services offered within the portal.

  • With mobile compatibility, users can access the portal anytime, anywhere, from their preferred devices, enhancing accessibility and flexibility.

  • Leveraging ReactJS for the front end and Ruby on Rails (RoR) for the back end, Elsner ensures a robust and scalable architecture for the education learning portal.


Edupulse, an online education portal developed with React JS and Ruby on Rails, offers seamless registration, live sessions, assessments, and Tabby payment integration. Elsner Technologies’ solution enhanced user engagement, resulting in a 35% increase in sales and 25% higher session attendance. The platform’s optimizations led to a 40% decrease in page load times and a 50% improvement in stability, while mobile compatibility increased user retention by 30%. Continuous development ensures Edupulse remains at the forefront of online education, transforming learning experiences.

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