Digitization of the Tile Industry: Unlocking Development with Integration of Magento and Zoho

The tiles industry has witnessed a digital transformation in recent years, with businesses recognizing the need to establish a robust online presence. This case study highlights how a prominent tile manufacturer leveraged Magento, an e-commerce platform, and seamlessly integrated Zoho CRM, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Books, and Zoho Campaigns to revolutionize its operations, enhance customer experience, and drive business growth.

Client Background:

Our client is a prominent entity in the tile industry and has encountered difficulties adjusting to the digital landscape. With a wide-ranging product catalogue and a diverse clientele, they acknowledged the significance of implementing a scalable e-commerce solution and incorporated Zoho's suite of applications to streamline their operations further.
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What was the challenge?

  • Lack of Online Presence: The client had a limited online presence and heavily relied on traditional brick-and-mortar stores, resulting in a restricted market reach.

  • Complex Product Catalog: Managing a diverse and extensive range of tiles presented challenges in effectively organizing and presenting products to potential customers.

  • Balancing Online and Offline Inventory and Accounting: Managing inventory and accounting for online and offline stores requires coordination and efficient systems to ensure accurate records across all channels.


Key Features of the Project

  • Responsive Design: A mobile-friendly and responsive website design was built to offer a consistent user experience across devices.

  • Robust Product Management: We efficiently organized the extensive tiles catalogue by leveraging Magento’s product management system. Additionally, we customized Zoho Inventory to enable seamless management of the product catalogue from Magento stores to Zoho.

  • Advanced Search and Filtering: Implemented powerful search and filtering options, integrating Elasticsearch for enhanced search capabilities.

  • Personalized Recommendations: Integrated advanced recommendation algorithms to provide highly personalised product suggestions to customers, increasing cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

  • Tile Dimension Calculation: We developed and integrated a custom extension that calculates tile dimensions and enables clients to sell products based on per-box pricing. This includes the following set of features:

    1. Calculate the number of boxes needed and the corresponding price based on measurements.

    2. Provides support for four units of measurement: square feet, square meters, square inches, and centimeters.

    3. Integrates smoothly with product options and configurable products, ensuring seamless functionality.

    4. Establish a minimum size threshold for placing an order.

  • 3D Product Visualization: Utilized Magento’s customizable options and integrated 3D product visualization tools. Enabled real-time previews and customization experiences, allowing users to visualize personalized layouts.

  • Multi-Channel Selling: Streamlined product, inventory, and order administration across many channels, enabling consistency and efficiency in multi-channel selling activities.

  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting: Advanced analytics tools have been implemented to track website performance, user behaviour, and sales metrics. Magento’s statistics features were used to gain detailed insights into customer preferences, popular products, and sales trends.

  • Zoho CRM Integration: Successfully achieved a seamless integration with Zoho CRM, enabling the synchronized management of customer data, lead tracking, and communication monitoring.

  • Zoho Inventory Integration: Implemented measures to enhance inventory accuracy, reducing the risk of stockouts or overstock situations. Significantly improved order fulfilment efficiency and effectively minimized errors in inventory management.

  • Zoho Books Integration: Integrated Zoho Books to automate financial management, including invoicing, expense tracking, and accounting processes, while synchronizing offline and online stores.

  • Zoho Campaigns Integration: Through the integration of Zoho Campaigns, we have successfully automated and enhanced the success of our marketing endeavours by delivering precisely targeted content to specific customer segments. This strategic integration has resulted in a notable increase in customer engagement and loyalty, achieved through the implementation of personalized promotions and effective communication strategies.

  • Integrated Secure Payment Gateway: Integrated a secure and seamless payment gateway, utilizing Magento’s support for various payment providers, to ensure smooth and trustworthy transactions.

The solution we provided

  • Expert Advice: Elsner’s technical consultant recommended using Adobe Commerce (Magento) as the robust platform for the client’s store. The Elsner team also suggested integrating it with Zoho apps like CRM, Inventory, Books, and campaigns to address their challenges comprehensively and pave the way for digital transformation.

  • Built an e-commerce Store: Elsner’s Adobe certified engineers have developed a B2C-focused e-commerce solution using Adobe Commerce (Magento)’s enterprise version. We have integrated Zoho apps to streamline inventory and finance management across multiple online and offline stores.


  • Sales Growth: The remarkable growth in online sales has been attributed to an enhanced performance of the website, the intuitive user interface, and the successful implementation of multi-channel selling strategies, allowing the client to reach a wider market. Sales experienced an impressive annual growth of 40%, surpassing the client’s projections and serving as a testament to the revenue-driving capabilities of Magento and Zoho’s advanced features.

  • Efficient Operations: This solution facilitates businesses in efficiently generating and managing sales and purchase orders while simultaneously tracking inventory in a streamlined manner. Enabled the client to make data-driven decisions by delivering actionable insights regarding customer preferences, popular products, and sales trends.

  • Customer Retention and Loyalty: The seamless integration of Zoho CRM facilitated personalized customer interactions and efficient lead nurturing. The client observed a notable enhancement in customer retention rates, evidenced by a 15% rise in repeat purchases. The implementation of loyalty programs via Magento led to a 20% increase in the customer base of loyal patrons, playing a significant role in the client’s sustained success.

  • Enhanced Marketing Effectiveness: Zoho Campaigns integration with social media led to a 35% increase in email marketing click-through rates and a 50% growth in social media interactions. By combining Magento’s marketing automation with Zoho Campaigns’ analytics, the client gained valuable insights to optimize their marketing strategies and achieve superior outcomes.

  • Financial Accuracy and Visibility: Through the seamless integration of Zoho Books with the client’s store, they achieved a notable 30% decrease in accounting errors while simultaneously gaining real-time visibility into their financial well-being. The improved accuracy in financial matters helped the business make better decisions, leading to increased stability.


This case study serves as a prime example of the profound influence achieved by making use of the state-of-the-art e-commerce functionalities of Adobe Commerce (Magento), the wide-ranging integrations offered by Zoho, and the comprehensive efforts undertaken by the Elsner team to establish a solid foundation for long-term success in the digital era.

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