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DEC Nederlands director’s vision is to help (starting) entrepreneurs in developing and expanding their business. He wishes to share knowledge, opportunities and innovations that will benefit to his customers. DEC Nederlands team want Elsner to add a value into their business by creating an online platform where they can collaborate and advise their customers on business, financial and economic issues.
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What was the challenge?

  • Customised Theme Designing with Responsiveness
  • Multi Language (English, Dutch)
  • Integrated RSS Feeds for vacancies available in a region
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • CMS, Documents and Inquiry Management
  • Custom Package Building
  • Request a Quote with Multiple Steps
  • Enhanced SEO activities

The solution we provided

  • Easy to manage website panel with drag and drop controls and features.
  • Background image customization from back end which enables uploading different images for different pages.
  • Dynamic blog page redirection with a particular location.
  • Newsletter management from backend for group or individual customer who has subscribed for newsletter for updates on business, financial and economic issues.
  • POPUp contact form with multiple steps for customers for reaching organization with an ease.
  • Social media channels to share latest events and feeds with the friends.

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