Project Highlight

  • We have designed a platform that gives a simplified and Intuitive End-User Experience.
  • Highly Mobile-friendly and fully responsive layout
  • FullCalendar plugin integration to keep track of meetings and events
  • Integrated SendGrid Email Marketing Service
  • Integrated Highcharts software library
  • Managed Advertisement & Shows

Solution Provided

  • We have created a structure that takes data from API and sends it back to the backend process, which displays it with the help of the angular platform.
  • Our front-end developer has designed all the web pages fully responsive and with a device-friendly UI which gives an eye-catchy and user-friendly experience while surfing on any mobile screen.
  • The Calendar plugin shows holidays of specific employees on a particular day, so there is no overlap of similar department guys to be on leave.
  • We have developed a feature where each employee will have their account with the rights and work. Users can easily manage the payrolls, jobs, responsibilities, and management structures through this featured HR module.
  • The system will store all the leads and move them to pipelines if the lead is genuine.
  • The Employee Timesheet will work based on their clock in and clock out time.
  • We have integrated Highcharts third-party tool for creating a graphical representation of data by creating pie, column, bar charts, and many more.
  • A module to store all the financial earnings of each month with details of payments due and payments made within the particular month.
  • Privilege levels were used to store sensitive data. Each employee was given a certain privilege level.
  • We have developed a module for the management to check out the yearly A/R reports, sales targets options, cash and report collections, and products the company offers.


Our Acknowledgements

We take pride in receiving recognition and accolades by offering unmatched IT and digital marketing solutions