Project Highlight

  • Boosted the search results ranking on Google with the help of on page SEO tactics thereby enhancing its online presence.
  • Guided the company by providing a list of relevant keywords that would boost the content of the website ultimately increasing its visibility to their target audience.
  • Utilized digital marketing activities to ensure that the client’s primary business of generating curiosity amongst people looking for latest architectural designs which resulted in tremendous growth in terms of lead generation.
  • Performed various marketing activities like promotion of architectural design images and page post link to increase the website traffic.
  • Employed social media platforms to ensure that positive reviews and testimonials were highlighted for better positioning of the company’s brand in the minds of their readers.

Solution Provided

  • Carried out SEO activities by providing relevant keywords based on the industry of the client. This way we were able to increase the visibility of the website by two-fold in a quick span of time.
  • We targeted the architectural designs and concepts using digital marketing activities which generated much-needed curiosity amongst people enthusiastic to learn about modern architectural designs and trends.
  • We tried different types of Google Ad positioning to ensure that the right fit generated the much-needed positive results.
  • Utilized social media activities to promote the content of the client’s website which ensured more visibility and generation of quality leads.
  • Carried out different types of activities like creation of static ads and HTML ads, remarketing, and Adwords campaign to get amazing results for the client.


Our Acknowledgements

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