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Performance testing is a method used to derive the speed, effectiveness, and working of the applications under any load or stress.

As the competition seems to grow on a day-to-day basis it has become extremely important to conduct performance testing. Performance testing becomes an important factor for the stakeholders so they remain aware of the functionality of their product or service.

It checks the response time, ability to handle user load and determines the overall capacity of the application, beyond which the software does not accept the response time.

This testing makes the product market ready and any product or service sent to the market without proper testing may receive a bad reputation. The techniques of testing depends upon the particular performance testing company.

Various Types of Testing Techniques are:

Load Testing

The application is tested on the basis of its capacity to handle user load at a single point of time. It aims at identifying the maximum capacity i.e the bottleneck capacity and checks whether it can be enhanced further to increase the number of users.

Stress Testing

It aims at testing how the system is able to handle a high-end error during extreme load on the server. It prepares the application for extreme situations where multiple users are hovering over the application.

For eg: A clothing website will face huge rush during festivals and might run slow if not properly managed.

Endurance Testing

This test helps in knowing the sustainability of the application over a period of time. Also analyzes its works under long-term conditions and adaptability to frequent changes and upgrades.

Spike Testing

Any sudden change or action may take place which might affect the application negatively, Spike testing allows us to check the reaction of the application under such condition.

Volume Testing

The application can sometimes be overloaded with data and hence the functional quality decreases. Volume testing checks the at most amount of data an application can handle.

Scalability Testing

It helps to enhance the user capacity load which scales up the efficiency of the application.

Performance testing services has become an important part of any organization as it gives quality assurance about the application and secures the investor’s investment, assuring maximum customer satisfaction.

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