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PayTrace Payment Gateway Extension Connecting The Service And Magento Store


When you shop offline, you may offer cash but what when you shop online? You are directed to an eCommerce service that processes credit card payments or any other payment method for the stores.

A payment gateway facilitates a transaction that is similar to the physical selling process. It connects the eTailers with the bank’s processing platform.

Without a successful integration, the customer can not pay or buy the products. The problems that are faced offline with regards to payment can easily be solved but what if you face issues online?

Therefore you need a robust and easy to handle payment gateway. A good payment gateway should have the following qualities:

  • Skilled Technical Support team and maintenance;
  • Zero downtime and everyday availability;
  • A good integration manual and good code samples;
  • Should support modern communication protocols;
  • Available test platform and more.

We can say it should have multiple features under one umbrella.

Wait… With payment gateways available in abundance, are you confused between which one to choose?

PayTrace, an online payment service allows you to use their secure servers and anti-fraud measures to make credit card payments. Founded in 2004, this is an excellent payment gateway with more than 35000 users and processing over $ 10 Billion Annually.

The amazing fact about this gateway is it is PCI validated since 2005. It provides comprehensive and efficient payment processing solutions.

The data is stored within a 3 Tier high-security data center and is provided with end-to-end encrypted card readers. It also delivers customer profile storage with no extra charge and top-notch security in the PCI compliant database.

A unique user for each person is created which in turn is supported with multi-factor authentication. It comes with the tools to assist in mitigating cardholder fraud. The tools are enough for the Magento developer to master the E-Commerce domain.

It allows you to set up user level permissions based on the job function. It has got multiple reporting options, interchange savings with Level II and level III data, Encrypted card readers and more. The gateway addresses every unique need of card processing for every business.
With such outstanding features who would not want to integrate the gateway in the store?

The best way to bridge the gap is by using PayTrace Payment Gateway Magento 2 extension. The amazing facility of allowing checkout right at the checkout page is the key feature of this extension.

The extension is available to process payments in US currency only. The added boon, you can use Level III credit card processing support in a secure and PCI compliant manner.

The extension got many thumbs up due to the ease of transaction it offers to the customers on the E-Commerce stores.

The direct transaction methodology allows the customers to make payment directly on the store page and they do not have to leave the site. Prompt response for purchase is all that your customers need.

This Magento 2 extensions performs integration brilliantly between the Magento 2 store and the PayTrace payment gateway service provider.

The trouble-free and automatic checkout has caught the eyes of many Magento E-Commerce store owners. With just a username and password in hand, you will get this amazing service in hands.

The extension allows you to use all major credit cards accessible in the US be it Visa card, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and JCB. The extension utilizes PayTrace JSON API and PayTrace Post API and is compatible with Magento  2.2.x and Magento 2.3.x

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