Make Money With Android And iOS Free Apps

Every beginner developer has one question that “How to make money with Android and iOS free apps?”. Free Apps are highly downloaded mobile apps. According to Google Play, 98% of revenue from worldwide comes from the free apps. Most of the apps are on Appstore and Playstore are free.

Let’s take a look at the global app market trends :

Major app user are download free apps compared to paid apps. The predictions from experts said that between 2017-2020, Global app revenue is doubled.

Well, today we are here to answer your query regarding app monetization strategies with most popular and proven tactics that can help you to make money with free android and ios apps.

Top app monetization strategies include:


Advertising is the most common and easy app monetizing techniques which can be implemented by 3rd party ad Network.

8 out of 10 app owner use this technique for revenue in 2017.

An advertisement is easily implemented in-an app and you can get paid every time by per impression (displayed), By click on Add and installed the advertised app.

There are four types of ads basically use app owners for making money.

  • Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads are used to display full-screen and pop-ups which can be displayed At a specific time. A user can close these ads if they don’t need to show by clicking on the close button.

  • Banner Ads

Banner ads are used to display ads in top or bottom of the screen. In this ads, User not much hampers by showing these ads.

  • In-app video ads

These video ads are used for giving the reward to a user by competing for some level of a game or open the new level of Game. Video ads much popular in the Gaming app.

  • Native Ads

Native ads are used at the place of natural components like listview or collection view cell. It is most popular this time because user is less irritated.

In-App Purchases

This type of techniques is used to sell virtual contents from the app. This is used to unblock the Game level, premium contents, game currency, extra bonuses, Power-Ups or access additional features like in Pro version of an app.

Types of In-App Purchases:

  • Consumable

Consumable in-app purchases are used once, are depleted, and can be purchased again. Example: Lives and gems in the game app.

  • Non-consumable

Non-consumable in-app purchases are for permanent usage and not expired. Example: Additional filter in a photo app.

  • Subscriptions

Subscriptions in-app purchases are used to unlock features for a limited period. Example: Monthly & annual subscription of Music apps.

Selling Merchandise

Selling merchandise on your app is another effective technique of monetizing. You can offer your customer to buy physical goods like t-shirts, toys, cosmetic items, stationery, gift vouchers, etc. This products can be sold directly to the app or via email marketing. It will open a new way to generate additional income.

Also, App owner can upload their products on Amazon and promote in their app. Rest of the things will handle by Amazon like Payments and delivery.


Sponsorship placement in an app will be the robust app monetize technique if you can build the app and launch it for another sponsoring company. It’s difficult to find a main sponsor company with the same target audience. Need to work on a white labeled app which can match with the sponsor’s brand.

Types of sponsorship :

  • Offer some share of that product
  • Monthly sponsorship free for app maintenance

Email Marketing

By Email Marketing methods, You can ask your app users to provide their emails and later we use this email for sending message. Adding a Facebook and Gmail login in app is great way to collect user emails.

Getting user emails will be helpful in situations when customer not using your app for a while. Connect user via email may be an interesting techniques to notify users about new features and improvements of apps.


Subscription is quite useful monetization strategy. You can offer free usage of your content for a limited period of time and then after you can charge subscription bases. That will allow user to access full content of app without any restrictions.

This type of subscriptions are commonly used in Audio/video streaming app, news services and magazine apps.

Example : Gaana app has offer user monthly , quarterly, and yearly plan.

The Bottom Line 

There are lot of effective way to make money from free iOS and Android apps but Need some planning  and marketing strategies. Best techniques for app monetization is Advertisement but developer use Both in-app purchases and advertisement in single app. You need to know that each methods has its pros and cons so try to find what competitors are doing is a good starting point. Now, you might have got the answer to how you can make from free app.

So when you can starting your Mobile app development, Need to check application structure and your target audience before choosing any of this monetization technique. We are always happy to help you.

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