Magento Certification: A Reason That Makes You A Trusted Developer

The Magento platform is made up of some complex and simple structures. This platform has housed many eCommerce online stores that have a very successful business today. Businesses from large to small enterprises ask for Magento, since the capabilities of the platform are above average and the certified developers strive to maintain the expectations of their clients.

Importance of Magento Certification

  • The certification is a green signal that you have the knowledge of website creation. It means that you can handle the business processes like generating price tags, working on building promotions and working with API and extensions.


  • The certification is like a proof of confidence you see in yourself while working with a totally new business. A client will have an abundant number of specifications for their website and if you are a certified developer there is a better chance for you to understand their needs properly.


  • The clients come to the Magento developers carrying all the trust they have. They entrust the responsibility of the business is the hand of a third party. Reliability and assurance are two elements which come naturally from a certified developer.


  • Working with the clients holding a Magento certification is like driving the path to home everyday. It is like you have been traveling on the path for so long that you cannot ever forget the route. The developers travel the same road with certification.

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Learn The ABCs of Magento Certification exam

Nobody said that taking new challenges would be easy, yet people take risks everyday with some calculative measures. You won’t know what to study unless and until you are aware of the system and what the certification expects you to learn. So, here we have enumerated some key pointers that will educate the aspiring developers with the ABCs of the Magento certification.

  • The Front-end developer

When the customer recalls any eCommerce store, the very first thing he or she would recall is how it appeared to them for the very first time. The front-end certification is a strategic way to create an impressive view of the website. It works with the coordination of back-end and front-end developers.

  • Be a certified developer (MCD)

Have you ever heard about the concept of being an all-rounder? Well, if yes, then Magento certified developer certification cannot be a better way to prove that. When you qualify the certification with outbound results, your skills prove to be of more value than ever.

In order to qualify the certification, you need to fall under certain criteria. Out of a total 100 %, the exam has given a set of weightage to each section. Out of all some sections that need extra attention are: checkout, sales and customers and most fluctuating, advanced features.

  • Magento Certified Developer Plus: Go for the big leap

Last of the many stages of Magento certification, plus goes one step beyond other expertize. It prepares the developer to master every single detail of the platform. The knowledge can be related to doing a thesis on any subject matter. These certified developers go into some unexplored areas only to discover there are more unidentified features.

  • Magento certification study guide

Learning can be rigorous, you need to deal with the important aspects of certification carefully. Before taking the exam you can go through millions of course books and e-books. The certified personnel have penned down their inspirational knowledge and converted them to blogs and e-books.

David Nguyen has written down his theories for Magento certification to impart knowledge among the entire Magento team in Magento Certified Study Guide. Some of the best-certified developers we see today caved their path with the blessing of this e-book.

Here is some advice from the experts of Magento sitting around different corners of the world:

1. Go back to your niche, improve your installation skills

2. Learn which caches are important and which can be ignored or removed, while the indexing part is of concern analyze the results that occur upon re-indexation.

3. The Magento route is supposed to be tracked timely. It’s like keeping a person on the right route to the destination.

4. Magento uses a very unique set of themes, they are also built with certain customized features. The business asks for customized themes which can be catered using the standard flow of coding.

Certification: A Key to improvization

The extra knowledge is like feeding the growth of the skill and if you are not honing the skills in the right matter you might just starve. Magento certification works like the food for the developers. It brings more education and experience to the table and the extraordinary benefit of gaining customer trust.

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