High Alert! Magento 1 Support Ends in June 2020…Are You Ready for It?

Magento 1 Support Ends

If you are a Magento Merchant, take note of the big change that is coming in Magento. Magento Open Source 1 is coming to closure this June. After June, the free version of Magento runs the risk of a negative impact on your digital store and customer experience. It can be in the following ways –

  • Your business can suffer from online attacks and security breaches from outsiders
  • There will be an increase in the support costs
  • The effective maintenance resources will die away
  • The online store will lack in new Magento Commerce technologies and facilities
  • The Magento Marketplace extensions that were exclusive to the unsupported Magento Open Source versions will be withdrawn
  • It is very important for the merchants to meet the Payment Card Industry (PCI) guidelines. But, once unsupported, Magento Open Source 1 will no more be PCI compliant.

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What Can You Do?

As you have read, your digital infrastructure has to face a lot of shortcomings if you continue using Magento Open Source 1. So, upgrade to Magento Commerce 2 (formerly Enterprise Edition) to minimize the risk of negative impacts on your business. The next generation of Magento eCommerce solutions presents an improved feature suite with updated performance and scalability. It is capable of boosting conversion rates, thus accelerating business growth.So, this is your best chance to utilize all the functionalities of Magento by migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 from an experienced

Magento development company today! Remember, only by affiliating with the best in the business will make the Magento 2 migration process hassle-free.

The best Magento development agency will understand the complexities involved while conducting this endeavor and ensure that all your vital store information remains safe and secured when you affiliate with them. So, what are you waiting for? The deadline is getting closer. Act now and enjoy the full-fledged features of Magento 2 today!

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