How to handle multi-currency payment method in your online store?

Paypal Multi Currency Magento 2

The online ventures are growing and spreading at the same time across the globe at an unimaginable pace. With stores serving in different countries, customers shall want to pay you in their own money terms. What shall you do then? It’s not feasible to convince all the customers in your desired currency. You might drive away potential customers from the store with this act.


Since the inception of the internet and online stores, the whole agenda was to focus on consumer needs. This is a big-time need which needs to be catered on time. But how do we come to a solution here? Magento platform caters many extensions in the website building. Similarly, there is an extension to handle the multi-currency crisis.

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Elsner brings you the way out to multi-currency payment system through Paypal Multi Currency Magento 2. Not only the customers will feel ease at payment but the products shall also be displayed in their local currency.


Happy customers, happy sales


  • The multi-currency extension saves the customer extra fees paid on currency conversion.
  • With rates displayed in local currency, customers can take quick purchase decision.


PayPal being one of the trusted payment system, provides flexibility of currency conversion. You shall get what you see, which means if the customers has selected to view the products in EURO currency then it shall remain intact through the entire process.


PayPal solutions is best for magento based eCommerce store, The eCommerce owners have to put minimal effort to enhance their customer’s experience. The extension is quick and easy to install. Adding to the comfort we shall even let you view the demo of the payment method. For all the PayPal users this is a standard boon making the lives of both you and the customers easy.


Your take on setting a multi-currency environment

  • The eCommerce developers will need to design a drop down menu. This will allow the customers to view the store in their local currency.
  • All you need to do is tell the extension which currencies you want in the website and set a default currency.


Elsner’s profound extension is supported in Magento 2.0x, 2.1x. Thus, managing a multi-currency system was never easy, until now. PayPal multi-currency Magento 2 serves with a smile on customer’s face and sales on owner’s website page.

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