Google’s New Breadcrumbs: Readdresses the Mobile First Index

Google never fails to amaze us when it comes to the optimization of a website’s ranking on the search engine result pages. Recently, Google updated the search outcome of the pages by including the latest breadcrumbs to the highest of the web page. These breadcrumbs contain informational search queries along with the pictures. This search is a Google’s step to show how the search outcomes. The change by Google is typically a part of an evolving cellular first model.It has been noticed that Google has replaced the site URLs with breadcrumb paths in mobile SERPs.What is a Breadcrumb?A breadcrumb on a page is the tool to indicate the position of the page in the site hierarchy. This can let a user navigate easily all over the site hierarchy. One level at a time, from beginning to the end of the whole process.Google has been transitioning to the mobile first index which proves the favor of the Google towards the sites that work well with mobile devices. Especially for mobile devices, Google planned to display information in new ways. This will happen to be the part of the transitions in the SERPs by Google. Ranking higher with these breadcrumbs can be smartly done with the help of professional SEO service providers. Here is the screenshot of the newly updated breadcrumbs.


Images can be swiped on a mobile phone. When Clicking on an image, You will get a  Google search result that offers more information. The screenshot below is the second search result after clicking on one of the images.

Google Breadcrumbs

The breadcrumbs are a quick mobile-friendly way to navigate away from this search result and explore, with less typing.

The search results are becoming appropriate for the specific mobile devices and to help the mobile users with better ways of results. Here, Google takes appropriate advantage of user interactions which are specific to the mobile devices. Since long, Google has also increased use of the images in search results in the mobile devices. The ultimate aim of Google is to enhance the ranking of the websites that are mobile friendly.

So, when are you making a shift towards optimizing for breadcrumbs?

Always remember, ranking for these factors may not be that much helpful in sales growth until the images are used appropriately.

Let us have a sneak peak to the way on which this advanced feature work out!

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