Voice Search: Detailed Guide to the Features

Google voice search

Our life these days is highly depended on the click, kick and switch. Click enables us to look for anything from anywhere. In late 90s Google came to our life and it changed our click terminology completely. Google was the first search engine which became so popular in such a short time. And the reason is its user-friendly attribute to make search easy and faster. The Google is exploring each and every aspect followed by humans for the search. In order to do that, it has implemented different regional languages, help-text, related search, voice search etc.Among all of these, Google voice search will be the fastest growing technique that will be used to search in the year 2018. iOS- Siri, Google Assistant, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Cortana are some of the best examples of it. These all device works on Natural Language Processing algorithms which mean to search something you do not have to give any type of computer language command. It just accepts your Natural language (English) as a command and responds to it in the same language.Let’s check how these devices can help in our daily life.iOS-SiriIOS siri


It has started first in 2011 with iOS 5. It is voice-based assistant which understand our queries in Natural Language which we use in our daily life for communication and answer it accordingly. It also uses some part of Artificial Intelligence which means you can teach her about your preference and routine. Siri’s best use cases stand for making calls, messages, emails and searching for locations. In such cases like when it comes to music and podcasts then Siri is not a good option over to Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. In typical Apple fashion, Siri does not support the much third-party application. So Siri is best for your office use.

Google Assistant & Google Home

Google voice search

Google Assistant and Google home are voice-based personal assistant launched by Google in 2016. In order to compete Siri, Google has launched this application and device. These mainly support phone call, texting, emails, music, and podcasts. It stands on the rank one when it comes to Entertainment, Voice recognition and ordering food over to Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. As it is Google’s product it wins when it comes to multiple voice recognition. It also uses AI algorithms to function and give more human touch in a voice which is the best feature of it. Google voice search is again leading the market of voice assistant for personal use as well as office purpose.

Amazon Echo: Similar to the Siri of Apple, Amazon has Alexa for their voice-based personal assistant. It was also launched in 2016 by Amazon in order to expand their device portfolio. Alexa also provides the same service of making calls, emails, messaging, locations, ordering food, music, and podcast etc. When it comes music, online shopping, and smart home functions then Amazon Echo comes first over to Google home and Siri. It supports more than 15,000 third-party applications which makes life easy. Siri & Google can understand simpler command like ‘goodnight’ or ‘good morning’ whereas Amazon understands temperature setting commands for your home which makes your home smart home. It is also unique in a way that it can call to your contact as well as another Alexa users from your contact list whereas Siri & Google can only call on the phone to your existing contact.

Voice search has made our dream come true to have Jarvis (Tony Stark’s supercomputer from superhero movies) in real life. 2018 would be the year whereas user you must adopt voice search optimization to stay up-to-date with technology and for your business, you have to make sure that business listing is up-to-date which appears in voice search and make voice search optimization as well. The voice search made life easy for those who don’t know how to operate the computer but wishes to use through its sample language processing utility.

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