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Google November 2021 Spam Update: Get the Latest Details Here!


The wait is over, Google is rolling out an algorithm update that will fight the spam from November 3, 2021. With the November 2021 Spam update, Google has been more vocal in giving the right pieces of advice to the digital marketing world. After this launch, it is a time of glee and fear for SEO around the globe. There are chances that they have to start from scratch or greet the update with open arms. 

Every time Google rolls an update, we remember the quote from The Godfather, I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse. Having an online presence means you need to know about the latest trends in the market and make necessary changes on your platforms. 

In this post, we will see, What is the November 2021 spam update all about? How does Google look for Spams? Methods to stay safe from online Spams.

Google is putting efforts to remove poor quality content that gets a higher ranking with this latest update. Links are known as the bread and butter of SEO. It is one of the significant elements that helps Google to decide the ranking of the websites. Links have heavy weightage, which has led the whole industry to connect in the digital world. This

Google spam update 2021 focuses on paid links, guest posting, and affiliate links. 

The things that might happen to your business are:


It is important to have proper tagging links if they follow an exchange of money. Prefer using various rel tags in your links like:

  • Rel = “sponsored”: This is used when a link is placed as someone gets paid from it. 
  • Rel = “nofollow”: Users prefer this when linking to unsafe websites that they do not want to be associated with. 
  • Rel = “ugc”: It is User-Generated Content where anyone can add the content without editorial review. 

In the

November 2021 spam update, it was clearly indicated that marketers must understand the value of links as they are the main source of your brand awareness and direct traffic.


Some tips you can follow to earn benefits from this update are:

  • If you have paid links, reach out and add the rel=” sponsored” tag to them. 
  • If your business relies on Guest blogging, then diversify your portfolio. The best links are not bought. Instead, they are earned. 
  • Track your traffic and rankings on web pages from every link. If you see a fall, then start outreaching and building authoritative links from your industry. 
  • You might want to get help from professional SEO services for better results and to avoid any complexities. 

Google has planned to nullify the spam links rather than affecting the website content. This means you do not have to do a big clean-up and focus on improving your website for better results. 

How to Handle Google November 2021 Spam Update? 

Stay Updated with Google’s Recent Releases 

This is a matter of knowledge. As a website owner, it is crucial to know the fundamental guidelines of the content and links. You can explore, What is Google Webmaster Guidelines in SEO? This might have helped you to track your website performance and maintain higher rankings on the search engines. The

Google webmaster guidelines will help you focus on the vital segments of the website. Do not panic, and you have enough time to improve the website’s content and target top rankings on the SERPs. 


Assess your Platform Performance 

Take a wide overview of the web pages and keywords affected by the recent

November 2021 Spam update. You might want to take guidance from the Search Console and Google Analytics. Set the time for comparison, then:

  • Export the affected URLs in a spreadsheet 
  • Look for the related keywords for every URL 
  • Then look for the top-ranking results from the keywords
  • Gather this information in a separate document 

This information will help you to add better keywords and enhance the performance. Also, go through the demands of the June 2021 update to ensure you are not missing anything. 

  • Spam Posting: Sometimes, you see links to the post in public forums, guest books, or comment sections regardless of the context. 
  • Hidden Links: These are hidden in places that can be found only by the bots 
  • Single Post Blog: Addition of multiple random links in the blog post to improve the backlink process without having any context
  • Link farms: Some site owners agree to continuously link from one website to another for the sole purpose of SEO rankings 
  • Directory Spam: Registering the website on thousands of blog feed directories. 

How does Google Think that your Website is Spam?

We know spam is irritating. Everyone who has had an encounter with spam will agree that it is frustrating to land on a promising page but useless. Many web creators deliberately manipulate search engines and digital marketing strategies to get better rankings, which is incorrect. We will let you know the methods to check if your or other website have spam:

They do not Socialize Much 

We know some people are spammers on social media, but their goal is different. When it comes to the

November 2021 spam update, they focus on spam that aims to get higher rankings in the search results. 

They will not dedicate their time to building relationships and would rarely be found on social networks. Distinguish your website by building relationships and having a strong social network in the digital world. 


You will notice the repetitive usage of keywords in the content. They will seem unnatural in the content, like word after word, known as keyword stuffing. This is not a good practice. You might see the usage in the page titles, domain names, URLs, or on-page content. To avoid facing issues with the

November 2021 Spam update, try following the best practices to optimize the content and add the target keywords naturally. This will give you better rankings on the search engines. You might focus on the SEO trends to ensure you have the right context for the target audience. 

They won’t Focus on Content 

Spammers give no importance to the content quality. It won’t matter if it is unique or informative for the readers. In fact, spam web creators will have stolen content, repetitive data, or content pulled from other websites. To avoid this, make sure your website has unique and compelling content. This helps you stand out from the crown and reach top rankings for your content, not others. You can use the

Google Webmaster Guidelines to understand the current demands and where your website stands on the search engines. 

Too Many Advertisements 

Spammers build websites where more than 50% of the content is in the form of ads. The main aim is to earn money, and adding ads will help them in this process. So, do not take any risks with advertisements and work on the website. Add quality content and Call-To-Actions on the website. Add ads only if necessary and do not occupy too much space on the website for them. The

Google November 2021 spam update is no big fan of excessive ads. 

A Lot of Dead Ends 

A spammer pays the least effort to maintain a legitimate website. To run a website successfully, you need to upkeep changes and updates to avoid expiring of web pages. So, you might encounter too many dead ends, broken links, and pages not found on the spammed websites. As a website creator focusing on the

November 2021 Spam update, you must commit yourself to keeping your website content fresh and updated. Also, you can give a read to the Google Summer update. This article will help you enhance your rankings and performance for the search engines. 

Some websites have used black-hat SEO techniques to achieve results faster. They help to gain traffic from low-quality websites, which will affect your website in the

November 2021 spam update.

So the trick to get high-quality inbound links is through adding high-quality content to your website. Another method that you can focus on is Guest Blogging to leverage more traffic and influence more people. 

There is nothing to worry about the November 2021 spam update for the websites that follow the Google webmaster guidelines.

In the Google

November 2021 spam update, you must add certain tags to various types of links. This will prevent search engines from marking it as a spam link. Focus on the below options: 

The websites participating in the affiliate program should qualify the links with the rel = “sponsored” whether they are created dynamically or manually perform this action. 

Advertisements or paid links should be marked with the rel = “sponsored” value for better rankings on the search engines. 

Guest Post Links 

These should be marketed as rel = “nofollow” value. 

Experts Thoughts on Google November 2021 Spam Update:

1. Austin Dowse | CEO of Aimvein says on Google November 2021 Spam Update:

This update is all about the quality of links. Google will start punishing websites having bad-quality links. It’s good for SEO and for users. I know many sites where they have the same kind of link on their site. Google has started to take care of them and in my opinion, this update will be good for SEO and webmasters who are following best practices in link building.

What strategies will you suggest handling Google’s Spam update?

In my opinion, the best strategy is to simply focus on users, what they want, and make their experience the best on your website.

The most underrated strategy is the user experience.

With this update in mind, if you have a page with low-quality content, have a poor user experience, or have a bad back-link profile, then you can expect that page to lose rankings in Google organic search results. On the flip side, if your site is full of good-quality content that is presented well with a fantastic user experience, then you can expect it to rise up in organic search rankings.

2. Paula Glynn | Business Coach, and Director of Search Marketing & Digital Strategy says on Google November 2021 Spam Update:

Google Spam Update are periodical fixes in their search engine algorithm. These updates focus on improving search results and removing spam, especially links with high rankings but poor quality content.

This update will actually be very good for SEO. By removing results that have poor quality content, websites with good content will finally be able to rise in rankings and get more traffic.

With such an update, I would recommend marketers put more focus on content. Create valuable content that is keyword rich and is catered to SEO. Your content should be optimized but not to the point that you sacrifice quality for it. Search engine algorithms are always changing, but the only consistent strategy that remains useful for every update is having good quality content.

3. Sarah Kiran | Chief Editor at Good Cloud Storage says on Google November 2021 Spam Update:

Google updated the spam update on Google on the 3rd of November. It took a week to roll out completely. This spam update will affect those spam content websites which don’t have original and compelling content with that such sites steal the content from famous websites.

This algorithm of Google will beneficially affect the SEO as fair sites will appear initially than other spamming sites. It will help Google users to search spam-free.

If you don’t want to come under this spam algorithm, focus on your content quality (relevancy, originality, thrilling but not exaggerating, and a few more), site security, and relevant advertising.

I hope my answer has helped you. My contact details are available below with the signature in case you want to contact me again.

4. Andriy Shvets | SEM expert & CMO at MacKeeper says on Google November 2021 Spam Update:

What is Google Spam Update? 

Google’s Spam update is just another one of their anti-spam updates in the line. Google’s SEO policy has been pretty clear for a while now — they want high-quality organic content and PPC to rule the search engines.

Is it good for SEO or not?

Well, it depends on who you ask. Companies that have doubled down on creating top-quality organic content and avoiding cheesy SEO tricks will certainly be happy with the update. On the other hand, those that tried to rack in the free SEO points won’t be as happy. Overall, I do believe the change is good for SEO and its long-term impact.

What strategies will you suggest handling Google’s Spam update?

I’ve been advising this for years, and it’s finally coming together: stay away from cheesy SEO tactics and focus on building strong, high-quality content. Good content will always get you good backlinks, but you should also look to build other connections with relevant websites and stay away from cheap backlink trades.

5. Paul Sherman | Chief Marketing Officer at Olive says on Google November 2021 Spam Update:

Is the Google Link Spam Update good for SEO or not?  Google Link Spam Updates tend to prioritize improving the quality of links, so the updates are usually good for SEO if your site has high-quality content.

What strategies will you suggest to handle Google’s Spam update? If you monetize your website through affiliate links, sponsored posts, or guest posts, it’s extremely important to qualify these links correctly. No information is bad information in the eyes of Google, so make sure to label links as rel=”sponsored”, rel=”nofollow”, and so on.

That said, Google is starting to crack down on websites with too many paid/sponsored links, so I would also recommend investing in producing organic, in-house content like videos or blog posts.

6. Lynda Fairly | Co-founder of Numlooker says on Google November 2021 Spam Update:

As per my understanding, I believe that the Google spam update release November 2021 is all about the stop of the email spam with the help of this particular update. Recently, Google has released a new update which consists in stopping spam emails for their users by using different features like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Recently, it was rumored that Gmail had seen a spike in spam email due to spammers attempting to game their way out of getting caught with seemingly legitimate mail. Spam messages are actually harmful to business owners because it is hard to reach your audience and get your message across.

We all know that Gmail and other email providers and services block these types of messages and then we can read them in the spam folder. Also, we often get pissed off because we don’t want to read our emails in the spam folder.

So, to avoid spam messages and to get rid of them, Google has used new technologies and features like machine learning and artificial intelligence which is capable of figuring out whether the message is spam or not on its own. So, from now on Google won’t have to rely on us to tell it what’s spam or not.

This is the Right Moment!

Website owners need to follow the best practices to avoid being on the spam list on search engines. With the

November 2021 spam update, it will be challenging for the websites that follow black-hat SEO techniques. 

We wish, 

“May the Force be with you.” – Star Wars

There are chances that this is not enough. You might need assistance to avoid minor mistakes that can lead your website to the spam folder even with the quality content. To avoid such scenarios, contact us. Our team has the right tricks to ensure that you are safe from online spam. 

Being in the market for over a decade, we can easily differentiate the black-hat and white-hat SEO tricks. So, place your bet on the right organizations to stay in the digital world safely.

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