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Building an Accessible Website in Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Magento or Adobe Commerce has proven its capabilities as an eCommerce platform, which is the powerhouse for several stores online. The key USPs of Magento store are its scalability and flexibility, offered to the platform by the abundance of third-party extensions and custom development attributes.

But, even with the best of features that Magento has, you will need special considerations associated with your Magento eCommerce development services, for making your store digitally accessible. For you to better understand, digital accessibility is the attribute of your store that will depend on the decisions you make while designing or crafting your store.

For instance, you might hire a Magento developer to create an accessible template for your store, but your choice of low-contrast colours, inadequate fonts and low-quality pictures might make the site inaccessible to the target audience. There are a lot of other things that might affect the digital accessibility of your Magento store, but you need to work those things out.

So, when you hire an Adobe commerce company to develop your online store, do take their suggestions on enhancing digital accessibility. But before that, you must have a bit of knowledge of what it takes to ensure digital accessibility alongside Magento eCommerce development services. And this article will help you with that!

Why Do You Think Accessibility is Important for Ecommerce?

When launching your online store over Magento, you aren’t supposed to think just about the normal audience but also about the ones with disabilities. People with certain disabilities also have some needs or preferences while accessing online stores, and it is also an important factor in making your site rank higher.

When your Adobe Commerce company makes you an accessible store, you will be able to acquire a plethora of competitive advantages. Apart from better search engine ranking and improved sales, you will record a better overall boost in your eCommerce metrics, when you are making your site digitally accessible.

To help you better understand the need for your Magento store to be digitally accessible, here are some reasons for you to count on:

1. Expansion of the User Base

When you hire a Magento developer and take their help to execute an accessible online store, you will be able to acquire a significant audience base. As per WHO, around 15% of the world’s population is suffering from some kind of disability. Therefore, it is important your Magento eCommerce development services are backed with digital accessibility for sure.

2. Improving UX

Your Adobe Commerce company will let you know the importance of accessible websites in enhancing the overall user experience. If you know, an accessible Magento store will be user-friendly for literally everyone. Such sites will have easy navigation, structured content and legible fonts, which are some things that will enhance the store experience of all types of users.

3. Boost the SEO Factors

Google, the biggest search engine, prioritizes the digital accessibility and user-friendliness of a website for ranking it in higher positions over the SERPs. Therefore, you must

hire a Magento developer and seek their help in enhancing website accessibility and boosting your SEO factors. This shall result in better rankings and more organic traffic. 

What are Some of the Evident Ways of Adopting Magento Store Accessibility?

It is understandable that hiring professional Magento eCommerce development services will help you add accessibility factors to the store. But, it is always better for you to have the key strategies in mind to make sure nothing is missed. So, here are some of the ways that an Adobe Commerce company adopts to increase your store accessibility for all types of users:

1. Develop a Responsive Design:

The responsive web design will adapt to various screen devices and sizes that are critical for the audience group that relies on assistive technologies such as voice recognition or screen readers. So, when you hire Magento developer to build your store and make it accessible, be assured that the theme, templates and design are responsive and compatible with all the assistive solutions. 

2. Enable Keyboard Navigation:

Not all internet users can use either a touchpad or mouse to navigate across your store. People with certain motor disabilities will mostly prefer using the keyboard for navigating the store. Therefore, make sure your

Adobe Commerce company experts make the interactive elements of the site accessible through keyboard shortcuts. 

3. Integrate Semantic HTML:

The structure of the content you add to your store is very important for ensuring digital accessibility. So, when you add content to your Magento store, be assured to add the semantic HTML elements for structuring the same. It means the heading tags, lists and other such HTML elements must be clear to understand. 

Hire Magento developers to implement proper HTML structure for the content pieces integrated into the store, not just for better accessibility but also for improved SEO. 

4. Add Alt Text for all the Images:

As you know, images are an undeniable part of a Magento store for telling the audience about your brand offerings. However, users who have visual impairments might depend on the alt texts to decode what the image intends to convey. Therefore, the experts providing you

custom Magento eCommerce development will encourage you to add descriptive alt texts for every image you add to the store. 

This way, the screen reader devices will be able to convey the information about the image, to that of the users with visual impairment.  

5. Text-to-Speech Compatibility:

There might be users who rely on text-to-speech technology using screen readers. Therefore, when you are

building a Magento website, make sure that the content added to the site can be read aloud in a logical as well as meaningful order. The experts offering Magento development services will test the site with some of the screen reader devices. 

Thus, the professionals will be able to determine and fix any potential issues in the content with respect to text-to-speech conversion. 

Bottom Line

Magento is one of the best platforms for you to start your online store. But, without optimal accessibility, it will be difficult for you to make the site ready for all audience groups. Even the search engines look for the sites to rank them based on overall digital accessibility for even the physically challenged users.

Therefore, you must look out for the best Magento eCommerce development services, and make sure your site has those accessibility features embedded within. Let the experts navigate the stand-out inclusions that can change the responsiveness and accessibility of your store, and you will reap productive benefits in the long run.

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