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Table Tennis Tournament – 2017

Pankaj Sakariya
December 01, 2017

Working every day is not considered as a good part of a job, so our family decided to revitalize the atmosphere of Elsner with a table tennis tournament. Although, there are many benefits playing this game. It helps to increase mental focus and also burns the body fat. That’s the reason we chose this coolest game.

This tournament was the third season which was held on 13th of November and ended on 22nd of November. It was actually a knockout tournament which was placed among our top 16 players.

It was a great experience of fun and enjoyment for all the members of our family at Elsner and finally, this action pack activity ended resulting out top 3 players.

Here’s our 2nd Runner Up and the Best Performer, Mr. Mahemud Hasan

And here’s our 1st Runner Up, Mr. Sandeep Patel

Finally, Our TT Tournament Winner, Vinod Bhai