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A celebration for successful completion of 10 years

Pankaj Sakariya
December 30, 2016

Completing a Decade is a milestone in life. A Human child develops an ability to see the different consequences of different actions when at age 10 and every decade from there is a result of those initial understanding that She or he develops towards life.

Same stands true in a life-time of an Organization! Team Elsner would like to thank all our Readers, Partners, Patrons for a decade long trust in our expertise.

Last 10 years that we have spent making business cool again and delivering results on “Actionable Insights” for our partners have given us all a unique perspective on Business itself.

We believe that, ideas are no one’s monopoly and hence an effective team is the only factor that can get your Start-up into the elite 10% who actually cross 10 years of existence!

We are proud and thankful to our creative team of unique individuals. This diversity has made giving out of box – result oriented solution delivery a norm at everything we do.

Without guidance even the best can bite dust. We thank God for being blessed with visionary Leaders who lead from the front and ensure that the team is building on its Intellectual capital.

Hope you enjoy our New Year celebrations pictures and Video! Do watch the video to know how Team Elsner handles a challenge! 🙂

We also rewarded team members for exceptional performance and leadership shown by them. They are the reason of Elsner’s customer delight.

Hope you also enjoy watching our Dinner treat as much as we enjoyed eating it! 🙂

Do share your #ADecadeOfLearning story with us and all! We would love to hear it!

With best wishes for the future, we wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!