Elsnerites at WordCamp Ahmedabad 2017

WordCamp is all about the WordPress platform. It’s like a festival for the WordPress Users.

WordCamps are Informal, Community-Organized events that are put together by the WordPress enthusiasts. In WordCamp, everyone from Casual users to Core-Developers can Participate, Share their Ideas and get to know each other.

WordCamp was organized for the first time at our native place, Ahmedabad.  Ahmedabad is the prior capital and the largest city of the Gujarat state, India.

We were anxiously waiting for the WCAhemdabad. Continuously keeping eyes on each and every blog of WCAhmedabad and the announcements done about the WordCamp.

Finally, the highly awaited event came. 6th October was the First day of WordCamp Ahmedabad. The whole WordPress team of Elsner was ready to attend the most wonderful event.

Day-1 WikiHow Day

On the Day-1 WikiHow Day(for beginners and students) all sessions are about how to start from WordPress to the power of WordPress.

In the session he explored question – “What if open-source never existed ?”.He talked about how open-source has a major impact on our lives, from minor things to big.

In her session, we got introduction of the WordPress – World’s no.1 Content Management System from her topic of discussion, we got the overview of the different terminologies of the WordPress.

One of our talented WordPress enthusiast conducted the session about the “WordPress is not just a CMS but it is a Platform” very interactive and delightful session.

Session : WordPress is not Just a CMS but it is a platform by Ravi Shah

His session leads the way to the growing roots of WordPress platform.All attendees learned WordPress is a platform which offers you complete control of your website, blog, portfolio, etc and customizes it according to your requirement.


Day-2 The Geek’s Day

His session about paying attention to detail makes for a better experience in all aspects of WordPress. From design and development, to content writing and marketing, the more attention you pay to the details of a project, the more professional the end result will become.

In her session, Riya shared her journey with WordPress Ahmedabad meetup along with her achievements and here dreams for future with the help of Community and has tried to showcase the power of active local community and responsible parents and how they can make difference to the society.

Asif talked in detail about Distribution Strategy, and showed some example & case studies. And focus how WordPress is best solution for content distribution. He showed some real life use of distribution tools like Co-Schedule, Buffer, Jetpack etc. And also inspired people by showing how he was able to get 2.4 million active Facebook fan for “The Dhaka Times” by just spending less than $1000 USD, and active 25 million traffic a month for past 5 years.

Day 3 :- A day for WordPress

We are the WordPress lovers and we enjoy every bit of WordPress. Contributing regularly to the WordPress communities, we always wanted to inspire the developers to contribute more to the world. We were contributed on that day for many channels.

Other than sessions:-

We were glad to be a part of WCAhemdabad as Khaman Dhokla (Bronze) sponsor.

We also enjoyed this event by contributing as volunteers. WordCamp Ahmedabad was the first ever WordCamp for some of our WordPress team members. Their experience was also awesome.

We met new people/speakers/sponsors and did good interaction with them. We also enjoyed good snacks and lunch. We got good WordPress swags for having a good memory of this camp.Thank you Everyone for giving your valuable time to read this blog.

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