We offer proficient app maintenance and development support to the store owners to ensure that the app runs smoothly and efficiently.

Some of the examples are mentioned below:


End to end technical troubleshooting

Apps or ecommerce websites sometimes collapse and stop functioning and this is a worrisome issue. We will ensure that the technical issues such as product URL issue, server scaling, mail server issues, product image issues, slow speed, tracking order issue and many more are resolved quickly to offer uninterrupted services to the customers.


Hosting Support

We offer proficient ecommerce website hosting services by leveraging our technical expertise. We have a team of developers who will offer unmatched hosting support to the store owners.


Domain Monitoring:

We will keep a sharp eye on the domain status and its expiry date to ensure that your domain does not go off. We will alert you via email when your domain status date is near or and when they change status.

Looking for an eCommerce Virtual Assitant


We are here to help you out with any ecommerce platform of your choice to take your business to the next level. We can customize any ecommerce platform of your choice to address your business requirements.

If you have your own multiple ecommerce store, you can still hire our expert Virtual Assistants to make all the processes and operations smooth and streamlined. However, when you are using a single wallet for multiple websites, you need to keep your priorities straight. You need to tell us which stores are your priorities and which are not.

Yes, we will sign a detailed service agreement with you mentioning all the key details including responsibilities of both the parties, a list of services, contract duration, deliverables, a delivery schedule, issues and complaints handling mechanism.

Once the contract is duly signed, we will initiate the procedure and the services will start within 24 hours. However, if you want to start as soon as the contract is signed, we can make it possible too.

Yes, you have the right to know where the hours are spent. We will provide you a detailed hourly report for each task performed by us.

It will be flexible as per your convenience. You can choose a monthly billing cycle or quarterly billing cycle.

You can reach out to us at any given time at contact us page

When you pay instantly for the service plan you agreed upon, we will be able to offer some discount. Also, when you come up with additional service packages, we will give you discounts.

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