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CMS Comparison: Drupal vs Magento Ideal Platform For Business Development

Pankaj Sakariya
November 12, 2018
Drupal Web Development vs Magento Development

Want to make the best site for your business, but getting confused in selecting the right CMS from Drupal and Magento? Then, don’t worry, as we have today brought the comparison between Drupal web development and Magento development based on 4 important parameters. Let’s have a look at them.

Content Strategy

Drupal development is having a very powerful content system that allows us to create any content type with their own custom field. The relationship between the different content can be easily built. If you want to display the content and the information to your customers in a very different manner, then you can definitely go for Drupal.

On the other hand, Magento is having a very basic content system. The addition of pages and content to those pages can be easily done. The content features of Magento are pretty basic and if you want to go advance, then you will need to change the code.

Catalog Complexity

Magento is having a very conventional way of approach for catalog management. There is a catalog root and from there, the tiers of categories can be easily created. The products can be put into one or more categories. Magento is pretty strict in this context and that’s why the products won’t be displayed out of this hierarchy. The product listing can be done in either list view or grid view only.

The Drupal platform releases this constraint. The products can be easily organized and added or removed dynamically from the product list automatically. You can even build a traditional catalog-like user experience. For displaying your products, you can use tables, grids, and lists.

User Experience

If we talk about the user experience, then Magento development offers the best implementation of a shopping cart according to industry standards. You will get a catalog, account pages, a shopping cart with checkout facility.

Drupal web development also offers the same functionalities but you have to spend some extra efforts to make it look good. At least, you have to give a theme of your choice to it. The features of the theme are very advanced and will let you give the best shape to your e-commerce store.

Admin Interface

In the Drupal development process, the admin interface can be easily customized and made according to our needs. It is very basic and it doesn’t even require to touch the code in many cases.

The admin interface of Magento is somewhat comprehensive and the users will be provided with a well-defined and structured way for managing the entire store. But, here you have to change the code to do the modifications. Even if you want to do small changes, then also it will take a considerable amount of effort to do it.

Thus, this was the comparison between Drupal and Magento for deciding the best CMS for developing the best site for your business. Select the appropriate platform according to your business needs and attract more and more customers to it for boosting the sales to heights

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