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ChatGPT vs GPT-4: How to Use Each One Efficiently?

ChatGPT vs GPT-4

OpenAI has already taken the world by storm and unleashed the power of AI by launching ChatGPT in 2022.

Finally, the updated version has rolled out in 2023, i.e., GPT-4, which is revolutionizing the AI industry and taking the possibilities of using AI to the next level.

If you’re a user of ChatGPT, then you already know how powerful this tool is, and the new GPT-4 takes this capability much higher.

Now the question arises, how is GPT -4 different from ChatGPT, and what makes this new version a leading AI tool?

In this guide, we will explore everything about ChatGPT vs GPT-4, their key differences, unique features, what’s new, why ChatGPT-4 is a better option, and how to use each efficiently.

Let’s dive in!

What is GPT-4?

GPT-4 is an advanced AI-Powered multimodal developed by OpenAI. GPT-4 stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4, which is the latest version of ChatGPT. It’s a technology that uses deep learning to write like a human.

GPT-4 has unique features and improvements, such as fast response, increased content quality and accuracy, a user-friendly interface, and accepting text and images as input to produce output.

GPT-4 claimed to be 10x faster than previous versions. It’s trained on massive data, i.e., 100 trillion parameters, to generate the most efficient response. It can process up to 25,000 words, process images more in-depth, and provide the best possible solutions.

GPT-4 Vs ChatGPT: What’s the Difference?

GPT-4 is an advanced version of the ChatGPT series. However, it has various advanced features and performance that make it stand out.

There’s a big difference between ChatGPT vs GPT-4 in terms of features and functionalities.

So, if you’re already impressed with the features of ChatGPT, then GPT-4 can be heart-throbbing with its new highlights. Let’s compare some key features of GPT-4 Vs ChatGPT:

1. Language Fluency

When it comes to language fluency, ChatGPT mainly focuses on producing conversational, engaging, and human-touch responses to any queries. It ensures to deliver as simple language as possible without specifying the syntax or meaningful results.

On the other hand, GPT-4 produces well-organized and professional responses with the right syntax, vocabulary, and grammar. Also, the produced response has well-explained and meaningful insights with a natural tone.

2. Response Time and Accuracy

Usually, ChatGPT takes a few minutes to generate any response based on the query you’re entering. There’s also a chance of producing incorrect or irrelevant responses because of the limited data sources.

GPT-4 is much faster in response as compared to ChatGPT. It generates a meaningful and in-depth response in a few seconds. Also, GPT-4 provides the most relevant results with appropriate facts. It has a large scale of data sources to produce results efficiently.

3. Number of Parameters Analysis

At the time of ChatGPT, it had around 117 million machine learning parameters to analyze data and produce responses. As this AI tool works based on the data fed, it makes responses based on the data limitations.

GPT-4 comes with a massive amount of data, which is rumored as 100 trillion parameters. So it clearly shows how accurate and most relevant data GPT-4 can produce in a few seconds based on the trillions of parameters and ensure to give most accurate results.

4. Multimodal AI

ChatGPT is mainly a text-based AI tool that doesn’t have multimodal capabilities. It only accepts text form data to analyze and produce results.On the other hand, GPT-4 is a multimodal AI tool that accepts text, image, audio, and video as input to analyze, process data and produce the most effective and accurate results.

5. Word Limit

The word limit of ChatGPT is 1500-2000 words to produce a response in one click. Due to the low limit, it’s quite challenging for students who want to write a thesis and need to generate content repeatedly.

GPT-4 has a word limit of 25,000 in one click to resolve this issue. Users can easily produce any in-depth content with such a high world limit. It also produces the most accurate and well-researched content.

6. Complex Tasks

ChatGPT is mainly handling basic tasks and producing results on the given command. However, when it comes to complex tasks, it may not be capable of handling complex tasks or finding the best-fit solutions for them. It’s not programmed for dealing with highly technical or subject-expert-based tasks.

GPT-4 does wonders in terms of handling complex tasks. It’s an advanced AI tool capable of handling complex tasks and generates detailed and well-explained content with accuracy. Also, the performance of GPT-4 is higher and generates a faster response.

These are the six major differences between ChatGPT vs GPT-4, making GPT-4 a much better, faster, and more advanced AI tool.

How Do You Use ChatGPT and GPT-4 Efficiently?

If you’re a fan of AI tools and want to use these tools to get most of the results, then you can use the full potential of GPT-4 vs ChatGPT. Let’s explore!


ChatGPT is not built to answer simple questions but can help in various ways to get the best results. It’s an AI tool requiring data and clear instructions to get the best response. Here are some best ways to use ChatGPT:

1. Summarize for Easy Learning

With the help of ChatGPT, you can learn any concept in a few seconds. It helps you to summarize any topic in any field with the simplest explanation. It provides main points, facts, and an engaging way to describe the topic that anyone quickly understands. Also, you can save time by directly summarizing any long article by getting the main points from ChatGPT.

For Example:

“Summarize this article for me in 6 main points with the easiest explanation [Link].”

2. Brainstorming Unique Ideas

If you’re out of ideas and your brain doesn’t have any ideas, then it’s time to take help from ChatGPT. With ChatGPT, you can get the best ideas related to any industry. It can give you some ideas which are far away from your imagination. However, you must give the proper command to get the best ideas.

For Example:

“Give Me 10 Unique Ideas for Online Making Money in 2023. Start with zero cost.”

3. Write and Debug Code

For Coders, ChatGPT is more than a miracle. Writing and debugging the code is the biggest challenge coders face, but ChatGPT solves this challenge in a matter of seconds. You can paste your website or app requirements in ChatGPT, and it will generate code in the desired language and run properly. Also, if you’re facing any issues while writing your code, you can paste it into ChatGPT and ask for help to resolve it. However, for e-commerce websites, you can hire ecommerce developers along with ChatGPT to get the work done faster and more efficiently.

For Example:

​”Here’s the [code] in [language]; when I run, it shows this [error]. Rewrite the code and resolve the issue.”

4. Ask for Help

ChatGPT is more useful than your wildest imagination. You can utilize this tool in any way, whether it’s asking for guidance in using any tool, wanting to design an itinerary for any location, creating assignments, having any finance or legal knowledge, personal assistance, or anything. It’s a hub of information; you can ask anything to this tool and get the best possible answers.

For Example:

“How can I Create an Engaging presentation on this [topic].”

“Give a complete guide on this [topic],” etc.

Some of the other ways to use ChatGPT:

  • Use ChatGPT to create in-depth assignments and articles.
  • Solve any problem.
  • Create a draft of any blog or thesis.
  • Create marketing solutions for any specific industry or platform.
  • Use for translation.
  • Much more.


As GPT-4 is an advanced version of the ChatGPT series, it has more capabilities and potential to do things ChatGPT couldn’t do. So if you’re a creative person and want to use the full potential of GPT-4, then here are some ways to use it:

1. Ask Questions

If you’re curious and want to know the answers to your questions, then GPT-4 can give you the best possible solutions. You can ask any questions in any industry and get desired answers. Whatever the question comes to your mind, it’s most possible that GPT-4 has answers for your questions.

For Example:

“What best career options can you give me after a degree?”

2. Website and App Development

There’s a time when website and app development was the biggest challenge and time-consuming work where businesses required ecommerce development services to build the website. GPT-4 makes this process so easy and fast that any beginner developer can quickly develop a basic website and app with GPT-4. It can write correct code in any language and guides you in each line if you need to know how the code is written.

For Example:

“Write a code for a timer that allows users to set it.”

3. Handle Legal Matters

GPT-4 is smart enough to help you in any legal matters. You can ask any question related to legal issues, and it gives you the most relevant solution for the moment. It is already tried and tested in various countries where users have used GPT-4 to get the best solution for legal matters and resolve the issues. It’s a life-changing tool that is available for help in any scenario.

For Example:

“Write a non-compete agreement in the sphere of IT.”

And there are limitless ways GPT-4 can produce the best output.


ChatGPT vs GPT-4 are taking a significant leap in the AI industry. As users have already interacted with the ChatGPT tool and know the best usage, GPT-4 takes these capabilities to new heights with its advanced features, performance, and accurate responses. It’s the right time to leverage the power of AI in your life and get the best out of it. We hope this article helps you know the exact difference between ChatGPT and GPT-4, its uses, and how users leverage AI’s power to unlock their full potential.

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