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Our Approach

This marks the birth of an business idea, here Elsner provides consulting on how to convert the inception into a working real life business model and how to automate the process via IT.


In this phase, Elsner does the feasibility study on multiple parameters and brainstorms to finalize the apt tools and technology needed to make the inception a reality in an efficient manner.


At this stage plan of action is prepared, sequence of events are decided for the whole process keeping in accordance the hurdles and gray areas that may appear during different stages.


This is the phase where all analysis and study done is implemented in reality and the progress of work is tracked and challenges are tackled as per the plan of action.


Once the product is ready, we have an feedback or real world test of the product and based on the reviews gathered necessary changes are made to be at a notch high in the competition.


Final Phase where the product that has been built for a specific objective and aim is put out in the competition backed with Digital Marketing services of Elsner.



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