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Beacon App Development

Now, Elsner has come with even more higher technologies. Elsner has opened the doors of the latest technology of IOT concept. IOT is a place where every piece of device can connect each other and make some transactions as well. Very few innovative technology makes it possible for the devices to connect. Some of the devices are beacon, iBeacon and BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy). With this latest innovation, we would love to provide an important part of our mobile app development services & solutions which would support you.


All these three are almost interconnected but a bit different. Beacons are small battery-powered device which you can stick at some places. Basically, it is just BLE device which will broadcast every data pieces every second under the “beacon” protocol. At a software level, beacons are small messages sent by the broadcasting devices which are later on processed by a receiver device.


These are the Apple’s version of the bluetooth-based beacon concept. Apple’s iOS is the first platform which brought this concept to the masses. These devices allows bluetooth enabled devices to broadcast and receive little information among short distances. These devices consist two parts : Broadcaster and Receiver.

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

BLE is a bluetooth “flavor” offered within the bluetooth 4.0 standard. Frequency and strength of this protocol is low but contains the high energy efficiency. For any device, to use the bluetooth flavor, it must be equipped with the latest bluetooth chip which is compatible with the 4.0 version. BLE was firstly invented by Nokia in 2006 with the name of “Wibree”.


These devices help in tracking the resources. With the help of these device, you can make app which would help you to track table in restaurant, track kids and pets in house or schools.

These devices will bring a bright future for the blind people. For an instance, let us imagine a conference centre where there are beacon devices and mobile app, here, blind people can navigate to all the different section with the help of the app that detects the location and will guide the person for for navigation.

Everything in the home can simply be automated with the help of these devices and its mobile app.

We aim at simplifying your lives in every fields.

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