Various Approaches to Boost Mobile App Traffic & Revenue

Statista reports that mobile app revenue has climbed by 9.1% to $133 billion, with a $34.5 billion peak in Q4 2021. Despite technological developments in this direction, investing in mobile app development still demands a sizable amount of money to get your app up and operating.

Many businesses lack the knowledge to make it happen. However, practicing these strategies is not challenging. For a greater return on investment spent while designing the application, it needs expertise and the correct techniques to carry out the tasks. Many businesses develop an app to increase and optimize their earnings.

How to Boost App Traffic & Revenue?


When customers discover your app in the app store, they will read this first. Ensure that it entices users to download the file and update this description with new features or functionality. For instance, you might include a unique function that allows customers to make purchases while saving money. Including this information in your description may tell users of frequent updates or changes to your app.

  • Add a Video Sneak Peek: A video is a great approach to demonstrate your app’s functionality in more detail than mere images. It’s a fantastic approach to show folks how the app functions and even how it makes users feel. You can also include revenue-generating advertisements in the background if you’re using this video to promote your app (you’ll need to work with your content team and developers to build a strategy for this).
  • Post-App Reviews: Make sure there are some favorable reviews as soon as your new mobile app is accessible for download. Don’t go crazy; three or four compliments about your app’s usability, useful features, and money-saving opportunities, for instance, would be good. Doing this can encourage individuals to download your app after reading these favorable reviews.
  • Paid social media advertising: Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are excellent starting points when promoting your mobile apps. If you’re prepared to pay for sponsored posts instead, many social networking platforms let you acquire free advertisements. You may instantly raise awareness of the debut of your new app using this method without having to invest any additional money upfront.
  • Mobile Landing Page for Your Application: Make sure you have a mobile landing page if you want to increase traffic to your app. This page can be a separate page on a mobile app store like iTunes or Google Play or a page on your website. The mobile landing page should be built with links for people who want more information about the app itself, email collection forms, and opportunities to earn free coins or points. This landing page is important if you attempt to direct visitors from your company website to your app.
  • Integration of ASO Updates: Building an app alone won’t generate enough income to take the company to the next level. You must be adaptable to the changes made by platforms like Google and Bing. While providing end consumers with answers, ASO in mobile app marketing services will make your app more prominent. For the best results, keep in mind that updates must be made promptly. Additionally, make sure the app is compatible with various app stores. From our web platform, you may always access the most recent information.
  • Implementing Push Notifications: Consumers are confused about the final product and services due to the enormous quantity of businesses offering these services. Because of this, you will notice that internet users will stop using the services or products after a period. However, using push notifications will help you avoid this.
  • Boost Participation Through Deep Linking: Deep linking can be used as a final strategy to raise mobile app revenue. With links that guide users directly to the necessary page to carry out a particular job, deep links make returning to your app quick and easy. This is very useful for getting customers to return to an abandoned cart. Users may need to be reminded to finish their purchases, in which case a push message with a deep link that brings them directly to the checkout page could be used.

How can Elsner help you to boost your app traffic and revenue?

One can start putting these and other strategies into practice to get the most out of the app once a better understanding of how mobile app money is generated is known. Stories, in-app advertisements, in-app purchases, email marketing, and other techniques will increase downloads and installs and the money that maintains the app’s success. Elsner will work with you to develop and research the strategies above to achieve the goal.


Each app is unique, and various strategies exist to market the app. Growing downloads and in-app purchases will be easier if you increase your mobile app traffic. Develop your approach with the help of the above tips. To prevent a drop in conversion rates, keep your mobile application updated and updated with the most recent trends. So, if you are ready to move on, click here and create your first mobile application with us, and we will also help you to boost your traffic and revenue with all the possible strategies!

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