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Track my site SEO tool is being built to keep track of the flow of the website and do the analyses of its ongoing process. User can see the detailed overview of different aspect to enhance and grow the online business in the market.



  • It is being well integrated with different function and API to provide details such as total traffic, page views, unique page views, avg. time on page, % exit, domain authority, total clicks, total impressions, bounce rate, % new sessions, global rank, country rank. All these details a user can see as an overview of their website.
  • We have implemented different graphs and table to show the information such as monthly traffic based on the sessions, list of landing pages present in the website, list of keywords based on the clicks and impression, including the graph related to new vs returning visitor.
  • User can view the graph of the traffic source based on organic, direct, paid search, etc
  • User can track the sessions bases on the cities of different countries.
  • User can also track the browser sessions which is being used.
  • Integrated the dynamic search analytics graph which shows the result based on the select date and by selecting options such as clicks, impressions, CTR, and positions.
  • In this tool user can configure multiple websites and can keep track of them.
  • User can add keywords, compare it and can view the details of the keywords such as its ranking, rank difference, no. of searches, and can see the URL of the page.
  • User can setup the social media analytics account for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Twitter Analytics shows the summary of the followers and following, tweets graph, most used hashtags, top 20 favourite tweets, top 20 retweeted tweets.
  • Facebook Analytics shows the actions on the page views, page likes, engagements, page videos, page followers, page view graph, page likes, 5 most recent post.
  • Instagram Analytics shows the summary of the follower and followings with top 20 favourite posts.
  • User will be able to generate the report based on the selected website and duration.
  • Message function is being integrated through which user can send the message to another user by selecting their name and entering the proper message. There is also the option for group discussion where user can discuss with each other.
  • Multiple users can access this tool and can assign the role according to their preferences.
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