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Now a day the business domains are not satisfied with their recruitment process for finding good talented candidates. Our recruitment system solves all the problems and deliver a simpler and smarter system for hiring the candidate as per the needs. This system is best for you if you are looking for a system which contains all the features such as candidate management, application tracking, staffing, social recruitment, talent acquisition, and much more.



  • You will get a dashboard where you can view overview of all the activities and processes, it will be displayed the data such as total number of applied candidate, pre-screening candidate, internal submission, interviews, offered candidates, hired candidates, rejected candidates, and much more.
  • You get an interface where you can manage all your social recruitment over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, and Outlook which allows you to grab candidates from social media platform and allow you to enhance your brand value.
  • Job board integration is being done where you get the option to promote your jobs on the most well known free job boards with a single click.
  • The application UI/UX is mobile and tablet friendly.
  • You can manage your career blogs from where candidates can fill the forms to get hired in your organization.
  • Referral management options are available where you can manage and generate the hiring and campaign referral links for the candidates.
  • Manage jobs option is developed where you can easily create and manage jobs details such as interview scheduled/taken, active candidates for next round, rejected candidates, and successfully hired candidates. Will show the ratio of successfully achieved targets.
  • Email managing option is available where the emails are synced with Gmail and Outlook where you can send and receive the emails.
  • You will get the calendar where you can schedule the email, create events, create tasks, schedule interviews/calls.  An auto reminder will give to you according to the schedule.
  • Candidate management options are available where you can manage all the details such as resume, submission, scorecard, tasks, and email of the candidates.
  • Advanced search options are being developed where you can search the details from the candidate’s database based on the keyword/Boolean, location, experience, candidate information, and smart search option based on multiple criteria.
  • For the initial screening process, you will get the option to manage the questionnaires for the candidate where you can share the questions with the candidates and applicants and get the scores against the questions.
  • The mass interview can be scheduled where you can send or schedule the bulk email for the candidate in one go at a particular date and time.
  • Self-services interview module is available where you can conduct the personal interview and propose interview slots to the candidate.
  • You will get the option to manage the candidate scorecard where you can give a rating to the candidate base on different criteria such as punctuality, motivated, discipline, patience, presentation skills, etc. You will get the overall score based on all the ratings.
  • Chat option is available within the team members and you can also go to the chat history at any time for any reference.
  • This system is made under the General Data Protection Regulation policy.
  • You can generate a report of the employee referral, projection revenue, GDPR, Client, Job, submission, placements, interviews, activates, success rate. Got the option to get the batch report over the email.
  • CRM is available to manage the client’s self-service portal, track client activities, generate client reports, and manage invoices and payments of the client.
  • CRM option is available to create and manage vendors, share jobs with vendors, allow the vendor for submission, and can limit the access to information.
  • Have the option to manage leads, contactsand can track it with workflow stages.
  • You will get the option to bring the candidate on board in which you can add the joining details, set up the process for candidate, and can manage their documents.

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