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Our Learning Management System is an e-learning software application which is made for educational institutions, non-profits organization, developers, and training organization for managing educational content for learning. You can deliver multiple courses and can manage your files, keep track, generate a quiz, manage reporting, course certificate, grades and many more.



  • You can manage your brand mode in which you can manage your logo, brand colours, and different content to express more to your users.
  • A powerful course builder is there which allows you to easily create multi layer courses where you can add the details of the course such as its title and other contents.
  • Advance quizzing option where you can easily customize the quizzing experience such as single answer, multiple choice, sorting, matching, fill in the blank, free text, and surveys. With this, you can set up a time to finish the quiz.
  • Easy schedule option is available to launch the courses where you can set up the course launch on a particular date and time or can set up the course to be shown after X number of days after enrolment.
  • Dynamic forums can be managed for different courses where you can limit participation based on the enrolments.
  • Grade book module will be available to manage the grades of your participants. The quiz and assignments grades are auto syncs with the system to generate the report.
  • Course award points are available where the user will get the points to unlock the next course only once they finish the initial running course.
  • Fully customizable certificates and badges award options are available where you can manage the name, course/quiz name, date stamps, score, and much more.
  • Easy price set up can be made for the course users and one-time purchase can be made using PayPal, Stripe or 2Checkout.
  • You can set up the recurring payments and subscription options for the courses where the client needs to pay recurrently according to the subscription to get access to the course. You can also manage prices, discounts and free trial periods for the courses.
  • You can create course bundles where you can offer discounts on bulk purchases.
  • Course licenses option is available where it allows an organization to purchase licenses for the bulk users and grant access to their staff.
  • Any media type support is available for the course content such as images, videos, audio files, SWF files, HTML5, and more.
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