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This Customer Relationship Management helps you as an individual or as an organization to manage all your company’s interactions with your customers. This CRM helps to do the data analysis of existing and old customers based on their history and helps to improve the business relationships with the customer. CRM was built focusing more on to increase the retention of the clients and boosting the sales growth of the company. Settings and tracking options are available which makes it simple and flexible to use according to the needs.



  • You can view the overview of the company’s resource utilization on a weekly basis or can view the details for specific dates. It shows the details such as the utilization of hours, invoiced amount, income, and expenses.
  • You can get the reminder notification for incomplete jobs, invoice not sent, invoice payment over dues, subscription dues, cron job not setup, and new software updates.
  • The calendar is being integrated on which you can create an event for particular data and time, you can even include customers and staff members in the organized event. Alert notification will be show when the event comes.
  • Company’s lead details can be managed easily such as name, contact number, email address, address, group, invoices, and assigned staff.
  • The search and sorting filters are being developed where you can search the customer details based on the searched keywords.
  • We have integrated the Google maps functionality where you can view the address pointers on the map for all the customers you got in this CRM. If you search any location, then only that particular areas location pointer will be shown to you.
  • Separate customer quotes area is available where you can get all the job amount gained detail by an individual customer.
  • You will get the option where you will get all the details of the customer contract create, accepted and end dates with all the other details such as its URL, name, type, group, progress percentage, etc.
  • Manage invoice setup has been made where you can see the status of the invoice such as new, paid, overdue and can see the other details of the invoices.
  • The file management system is there in this CRM which helps you to manage all your files.
  • Newsletter setup is being made where you can create new newsletter and can manage it accordingly.
  • If any issue is raised you can easily manage your tickets and can view all the details such as last date/time, due date/time, type, status, who is working on it, customer details, etc.
  • The best part of the CRM is the timer where you can set any job such as sending a reminder or generating an invoice at a given date and time, here you can explore a lot of things.
  • The finance module helps you to get the transactions details to keep track of all the transactions, upcoming payments, staff report, job report, tax report, and subscription report.
  • Easy settings option is available where you can manage the backups, products, login history, email, files, groups, language, payments, and can do many more things.
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