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This website helps to do the marketing and selling of the products which our client has. This website is made in such a way that the client can focus on different regions around the globe which includes different languages and different currencies. The product which client is selling is an inhaling product which we can inhale through our mouth and allow the rejuvenating sensation to expand and exhale through the nose. The only thing they supply is superior quality essential oils sourced from the United States.
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What was the challenge?

  • Custom UI/UX design has been made for the website in Shopify;
  • Multilingual support is provided;
  • Multicurrency options are available;
  • For marketing video and image content can be placed on the store;
  • Newsletter subscription is being provided;
  • Online live chat option is available;
  • A separate section is being given to showcase the testimonial’s and products;
  • Direct search options are available for quick search;
  • Integrated social media platforms;
  • Integrated payment gateways;
  • The blog page is provided where users can see the posts, news, and articles.

The solution we provided

  • As per the client’s business, we have developed and designed the custom UI/UX design for the website.
  • We have integrated multilingual and multicurrency option on the website for better usability.
  • Online live chat option is being integrated on the website for on time support and communication.
  • We have well optimized the store and made it user friendly.
  • We have integrated Mailchimp on the website for Newsletter subscription.
  • Implemented different social media platforms for sharing and marketing purposes.
  • Interactive sections are being made for showcasing the testimonial, video and other content on the store.
  • Integrated different payment methods such as PayPal, credit card and developed gift card code options.

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