Spine Gym

Spine Gym offers a brand-new way of strengthening the core which is important for good balance and stability quickly, easily, and safely. It is a Finnish health innovation, designed for exercising and strengthening deep abdominal and back muscles. The prime moto of client was to offer B2C ecommerce website for online purchasing of their product.
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What was the challenge?

  • Simplified and Intuitive End-User Experience
  • Integration of Multiple 3rd Party Extensions
  • High resolution images and video
  • Performed SEO activity & Optimized Speed optimization
  • Made the website responsive
  • Newsletter subscription options are given
  • Informative content, story, exercises, FAQ etc.
  • Responsive and customized website is being developed from scratch.

The solution we provided

  • We have provided better navigation to browse particular product. Admin can easily manage categories, subcategories, product information etc. over all store details from backend.
  • Our team has added high resolution video and images for better clarification for customers
  • Our designer has designed the PSD and HTML design files which is being integrated with WordPress by development team for this website.
  • Integrated the Mailchimp for newsletter subscription.
  • Fully mobile responsive website is being developed by the team.
  • Optimized the site well for good website performance and speed.
  • Place many informative content with better UI/UX design such as what is it, whom it is suitable for, FAQ, Story etc.
  • Add review feature for the product

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