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Soundproofing MLV aimed to address the challenges faced by clients in establishing a robust e-commerce platform that caters to both B2C and B2B consumers. Leveraging Magento technologies, the focus was on developing a custom-designed online store with intuitive navigation and adaptability across devices. Recognizing the importance of enhanced customer interactions, the client sought to adopt a live chat tool for real-time communication. Additionally, Soundproofing MLV aimed to expand its market presence by trading products on external platforms like Amazon and eBay, necessitating seamless integration with these marketplaces. Integration with Sage 100 ERP and implementation of advanced search features further aimed to streamline business processes and enhance user experience. The solution delivered included a user-friendly flyout menu, seamless Sage 100 ERP integration, streamlined checkout solutions, and the incorporation of live chat and mail service providers. The result was improved operational efficiency, enhanced user experience, faster product searches, increased customer satisfaction, and expanded market presence for Soundproofing MLV.

About the Client and its industry

Soundproofing MLV specializes in Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV), the most cost-effective, easy, and versatile sound-reduction option. MLV is a popular sound reduction option for both commercial and DIY consumers since it is effective and simple to install. Noise GrabberTM MLV is made utilizing modern manufacturing processes, resulting in an excellent noise-blocking sheet. Soundproof has made all of its products available on the worldwide market through its online presence on the internet through an eCommerce platform.
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Problem statement

Lack of accessibility and user-friendliness in the application and was not responsive! There was a need to establish a system for integrating different marketplaces into one website to make management easy! Searching and user experience were not Good! Marketing was not efficient and was not meeting the expectations!

What was the challenge?

  • The client grappled with the challenge of establishing a robust e-commerce platform that could effectively serve both B2C and B2B consumers. This required the development of a custom-designed online store using Magento technologies. The focus was on creating an intuitive and adaptable design, facilitating seamless navigation for users on various devices.
  • The client wanted to Recognize the need for improved customer interactions, so the client aimed to adopt a live chat tool. Wanted a platform that can assist customer support and real-time communication with clients.
  • Soundproofing MLV aspired to expand its market presence by trading products on external platforms like Amazon and eBay. The challenge was to integrate the online store with these marketplaces for efficient product listing and management.
  • The client wanted seamless integration with Sage 100 ERP and the implementation of advanced search features addressed the need for streamlined business processes and improved user experience.

The solution we provided

  • A user-friendly flyout menu was crafted to enhance the purchasing journey, and advanced search features were integrated, ensuring a more efficient and expedited search experience.
  • We seamlessly linked Sage 100 ERP, a management program, with the store, fostering cohesion in day-to-day business operations.
  • Additionally, a streamlined checkout solution for multiple addresses was implemented, optimizing flexibility for users.
  • The incorporation of Dotdigital chats Live Chat platform facilitates seamless interaction between users and support staff, while Mailchimp serves as a dynamic mail service provider, automating email communication.
  • To facilitate easy payments, we integrated versatile gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and
  • Enhanced SEO perception by incorporating Google Tag Manager, Google Analytical tool, and Web Master.


  • The solutions implemented for Soundproofing MLV have successfully addressed the challenges of establishing a robust e-commerce platform, resulting in improved operational efficiency and enhanced user experience. Integration with Sage 100 ERP has streamlined day-to-day business processes, while the incorporation of a flyout menu and advanced search features has made product searches 20% faster.
  • The introduction of the Dotdigital chats Live Chat platform has significantly improved customer support, leading to a 35% increase in customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the integration with Amazon and eBay, along with streamlined checkout processes and diversified payment gateways, has facilitated market expansion, strengthening Soundproofing MLV’s online presence and user engagement.

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