Reisbijbel means “Travel Bible”, as the name itself suggests its meaning. Reisbijbel is a website based on the concept of real travel tourism which provides information about the destination across the globe in order to assist their users to make decisions while planning for a trip.
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What was the challenge?

  • It is built using WordPress
  • PSD to WordPress Design Implementation
  • Simplified link structure to browse vital information and updates related to destinations which is being visited by the team of Reisbijbel.
  • Option to filter the location to get better results.
  • Posts and Blogs in order to display their experiences of the destinations along with videos and images so that the users get every information at one place.
  • User Friendly and Easy to Navigate design
  • Social Media Implementation.

The solution we provided

  • Filter option for users to filter the results based on countries in order to review their specific planned destination insights and articles.
  • The client was looking for a new and custom design with proper flow so as to give the users a smooth experience on the website while navigating.
  • Thus we opted to go via PSD integration. The layout of the design is kept minimalistic and the flow is made in such a way the it can be easily understood by the users.
  • The design was created as PSD and then it was integrated to WordPress.
  • Added analytics to track visitor’s behavior to detect top categories, most surfed ideas for each category/destinations.
  • Implemented Video display solution in order to provide users detailed understanding and increase their engagement with the website.
  • Social Media Integration assisting in order to connect the website with the trending and existing social platform to increase the vicinity.

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From Inspiration to Implementation.

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