Nina’s Jewellery

Nina’s Jewellery is a prominent player in the jewelry industry, embarked on a mission to modernize its E-Commerce operations to better accommodate the diverse needs of its customer base. With a strategic focus on consolidating its extensive range of products into a unified online platform, the client aimed to establish separate B2B and B2C channels with independent management capabilities. Partnering with Elsner, a leading provider of digital solutions, the client sought to develop robust and versatile E-Commerce platforms tailored to the unique requirements of the jewelry market. Leveraging Magento and Shopify frameworks, Elsner designed dedicated B2B and B2C platforms, ensuring personalized experiences for wholesalers and retail customers alike. Integration of advanced features such as the Advanced Retail Management System (ARMS) facilitated seamless product inventory management and synchronization across both platforms, while integration with the Catch marketplace enhanced market visibility and reach. Additionally, dotdigital integration empowered the client to execute targeted marketing campaigns effectively. Through the innovative use of technology and tailored solutions for the jewelry industry, Elsner's platforms drove sustained growth and success in the competitive E-Commerce landscape.

About the Client and its industry:

Nina’s jewellery is inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Western Australia. Their master jewellery designers craft unique pieces that capture the beauty of pristine white sands, turquoise waters, age-old forests, and the raw wilderness of the Kimberley region. Celebrating the riches of Australia, designs feature Australian diamonds, Broome and South Seas pearls, and Western Australia's pure gold. To find the best-crafted jewellery, By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies, the project sought to drive sustained growth and competitiveness in the dynamic jewelry market.We have developed an E-Commerce store for B2C and B2B buyers using Magento and Shopify platforms respectively.
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Problem statement

The client needed an online marketplace to boost their sales and reach new B2B and B2C customers and clients! Used traditional methods to manage their customers, products, and orders which was time-consuming and difficult! Lack of inventory management which made it difficult for our client! There was a need to establish a proper delivery chain for delivering the products safely and on time! Marketing and customer support needed enhancement!

What was the challenge?

  • The client sought an omnichannel E-Commerce solution catering to diverse customer segments, including walk-in customers at physical stores, B2C buyers on the E-Commerce platform, and B2B traders on a separate B2B online store. The objective was to consolidate all warehouse products into a unified store environment.

  • Specifically, the client requested distinct platforms for B2B and B2C operations to enable separate and independent management.

  • The requirement encompassed a robust tool capable of handling comprehensive product inventories and images, ensuring synchronization between both stores seamlessly.

The solution we provided

  • Elsner has skillfully developed dedicated E-Commerce platforms for B2C and B2B clientele utilizing Magento and Shopify frameworks. Specifically, our team employed Magento technology to craft the B2C E-commerce store and leveraged Shopify for the B2B counterpart.

  • For the B2B store, we focused on delivering a theme-based design solution tailored to meet specific requirements.

  • We seamlessly integrated an Advanced Retail Management System (ARMS) to manage product synchronization between inventory and the website’s product data.

  • Moreover, our team facilitated integration with the Catch marketplace, ensuring automatic synchronization of products within the Catch store.

  • To boost our marketing efforts, we added dot digital to easily send out newsletters and promote our products to customers.


  • The B2B and B2C websites we developed, powered by Shopify and Magento, demonstrated remarkable versatility, catering to a wide range of business and consumer demands.

  • Exclusive B2B features facilitated personalized interactions, while the engaging B2C interface ensured a seamless shopping experience. Leveraging the capabilities of Shopify Plus resulted in a substantial 40% increase in B2B transactions, and the B2C Magento website experienced a notable 30% surge in traffic, accompanied by a significant 25% rise in online sales within just three months post-launch.

  • Our solution effectively addressed the distinct needs of both businesses and consumers, establishing a robust digital presence for our clients and driving sustained growth in their industry.

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