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The Nilja Iceland application, developed using React Native, stands as a beacon of hope and security for women facing abuse and domestic violence in Iceland. With its comprehensive features such as risk assessment modules, SOS alarm system with location tracking, media upload functionality, and analytical dashboard, Nilja Iceland provides women with essential tools to navigate abusive situations and seek timely assistance from security organizations. By offering multi-lingual support and cloud-based media storage, the application ensures accessibility and data security, while its user-centric design and proactive features reflect a commitment to empowering women and promoting a culture of safety and solidarity. Nilja Iceland emerges as a pivotal platform in the fight against gender-based violence, embodying the transformative potential of technology to effect positive social change and uphold the rights and dignity of women across communities.

Client and its industry

The client behind the Nilja Iceland application operates in the realm of social impact and women's advocacy, addressing the critical issue of domestic violence and abuse in Iceland. Recognizing the pressing need for a dedicated platform to support women in distress, the client sought to harness the power of technology to create tangible solutions and promote societal change. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by women in Iceland, the client embarked on a mission to provide comprehensive support and resources through the Nilja Iceland application. By leveraging innovative features and user-centric design, the client aims to empower women and foster a culture of safety and solidarity in the face of gender-based violence. This endeavor reflects not only a commitment to women's rights and well-being but also a broader dedication to social justice and equality within Icelandic society.
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Problem statement

Lack of accessibility and user-friendliness in the application that was supposed to safeguard women in emergencies! The application did not cater to the specific needs of women and could not serve the purpose! The lack of resources restricted the use of this application in the right way!

What was the challenge?

  • Initially, women were facing an issue and domestic violence in the Iceland region and for them, any platform did not exist to help and give security.

  • The client wanted a platform for women abusement safety to save women from different violence and abuse cases.

  • The client wanted risk-level platforms for women and an emergency alert system to save women in the Iceland region.

The solution we provided

  • Elsner has designed a unique UI/UX for the mobile application, to provide an enhanced customer experience.

  • For the registration process, We have developed a registration form with auto-fetch location.

  • Women users can add their severe cases in this tool with media upload and risk of cases.

  • We’ve developed a feature to upload media and women can select risk factors as low, medium and high risk.

  • Security organizations can track the location of women’s abuse cases.

  • Admin can set the assessment of women abuse cases and it will change after 15 days.

  • Women users can take an assessment and can raise cases as per severity. Also, assessment questions are predefined and can be deleted with post and pre 14 days assessment.

  • Admin can view the analytical dashboard for total raised cases, alarms, and alerts.

  • Women users can trigger emergency SOS for high risk and our developer has generated 5 5-second trigger time for the same. It will show on the admin dashboard with a high-risk alarm.

  • We have developed a feature for women cases that was raised in the past 15 days and if a woman is not active from that day then it will automatically trigger a high alert.


Since its launch, the Nilja Iceland application has made significant strides in advancing women’s safety and combating domestic violence in Iceland. With over 10,000 downloads within the first six months, the application has successfully engaged a wide audience and garnered positive feedback from users and advocacy groups alike. An analysis of user interactions reveals that approximately 70% of registered users have actively utilized the risk assessment modules and SOS alarm system, signaling a high level of engagement and trust in the platform. Moreover, the analytical dashboard has enabled administrators to track and prioritize over 2,500 raised cases, with an average response time of less than 5 minutes for emergency alerts. The multilingual functionality has been particularly impactful, with users accessing content in Icelandic, English, and other languages, underscoring the application’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Furthermore, the seamless integration with cloud-based media storage has ensured the security and integrity of over 5,000 uploaded media files, enhancing the documentation and resolution of abuse cases. As a testament to its effectiveness, Nilja Iceland has received recognition from government agencies and NGOs, positioning itself as a pivotal tool in the ongoing efforts to create a safer and more equitable society for women in Iceland and beyond.

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