To construct an e-commerce platform for a consumer brand, we aim to create a robust infrastructure capable of handling a vast array of product variants. This platform will feature a user-friendly, scalable backend system seamlessly integrating logistics, order processing, inventory management, and accounting processes. Moreover, it will be engineered to be technologically advanced, ensuring readiness for future advancements, all while prioritizing an intuitive and welcoming interface for customers.

About the Client and its industry

Nestlé has an online store where you can easily buy nutritional products for your child. They offer a variety of scientifically developed junior meals for different stages like Preconception, Pregnancy, Postpartum, Weaning, and Toddlerhood. Nestlé's online store is built on the latest version of Magento 2, making it easy for you to find and purchase the best nutritional products. They have different categories like Maternal Nutrition, Snacks and Cereals, and Toddler Formula to ensure your child gets the right nutrients. Nestlé is committed to providing a convenient and reliable platform for parents looking for quality nutrition for their children's growth
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Problem statement

Lack of accessibility and user-friendliness in the application for purchasing nutrition! There was a need to establish a system for the distribution of products safely and on time! A huge number of products were to be categorized and managed! Connecting more customers was not possible due to the language barrier! Customers were not able to make payments in their preferred method! Good customer support was needed for the parents and caregivers to address their queries!

What was the challenge?

  • User-Friendly Interface: Creating an intuitive online platform catering to diverse users, including parents and caregivers.

  • Logistics: Establishing an efficient and reliable logistics system for the safe and timely distribution of nutritional products.

  • Platform Development: Building and maintaining the E-Commerce platform on Magento 2, ensuring continuous updates and optimal performance.

  • Product Categorization: Effectively categorizing a diverse range of products based on life stages for easy customer navigation.

  • Multilingual Platform: Implementing a user-friendly multilingual interface for diverse language preferences, ensuring clear communication and easy navigation.

  • Product Customization: Providing an intuitive feature for customers to customize nutritional products based on personal preferences or dietary needs.

  • Online Payment Integration: Ensuring secure and varied online payment options for customer convenience, including credit cards, digital wallets, and other popular methods.

  • Chatbot for Customer Support: Developing a customized chatbot for instant and personalized customer support, addressing queries and guiding users through the platform efficiently.

The solution we provided

  • Implemented a responsive design for the eCommerce platform, ensuring optimal user experience across various devices.

  • Developed an eCommerce platform using Magento 2 for improved performance and scalability, focusing on providing nutritional products online.

  • Integrated a Multilingual feature supporting English and Malay languages to enhance accessibility.

  • Developed a user-friendly product customization feature, allowing customers to tailor nutritional products to their specific preferences or dietary needs.

  • Introduced One Step Checkout to streamline the customer journey and reduce checkout time.

  • Enhanced data security and privacy measures, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and building trust among customers.

  • Integrated GDEX Shipping for direct access to shipping services through the platform.

  • Incorporated ADYEN payment gateway for enhanced authorization rates and lower transaction fees.

  • Developed a custom Chatbot allowing customers to customize preferences, find products, and seek support.

  • Integrated WMS and 3PL Warehouse for cloud-based inventory management.

  • Provided the admin with a Marketing solution to define rules, manage reviews, and ratings.

  • Integrated Google Analytics and Tag Manager for comprehensive web analytics.

  • Added a Security Extension Suite to bolster security and compliance within the eCommerce platform.


Following the implementation of our solution, the eCommerce platform has experienced significant growth. User experience optimization, audience expansion through multilingual support, and streamlined processes have driven increased engagement and conversion rates. Security enhancements, including data protection measures and robust analytics, contribute to informed decision-making. Integrations such as GDEX Shipping, ADYEN payment gateway, and a custom Chatbot have improved services and customer interaction, resulting in a substantial 35% growth over the past year. These collective efforts position the platform for continued success in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

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