Project Highlight

Need to set up a multilingual platform to provide the products regionally.
• Require to manage the orders & deliveries online.
• Need to provide the product customization to the Customer.
• Requisite to incorporate an online Payment option to accept through the platform.
• Need to give customer support through the chatbot customization option.
• Need to provide shipping options while managing online orders.

Solution Provided

• We have developed an online platform with the Magento 2 framework to improve an eCommerce platform’s performance and scalability to provide nutritional products online to the customer.
• We have integrated a Multilingual feature on the eCommerce platform that contains English & Malay languages.
• We have added a mega menu that helps an eCommerce store to rearrange the products in a scientific manner to make it easier for the customers to find products on the platform.
• We have integrated One step checkout to the platform, which enables customers to check out all the blocks on a single page which means it helps to reduce customer journey time.
• We have integrated the GDEX Shipping feature which allows customers to access the shipping services directly through the platform.
• We have incorporated the ADYEN payment gateway which helps in improving authorization rates and lower transaction fees.
• We have developed a custom Chabot; where the customer can customize their preference according to their interest, can find the right product, and ask any questions to support.
• In order to manage the inventory through the cloud-based system, We have integrated the WMS and order picking with the 3PL Warehouse system to manage the inventory levels easily.
• We have provided a Marketing solution to the Admin where the admin can define/manage the marketing rules, shipping & delivery rules, reviews, and ratings.
• We have integrated with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager using standard Magento 2 extensions for excellent web analytics.
• We have added a Security Extension Suite in the eCommerce platform, due to improve security and compliance.


Our Acknowledgements

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