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This website works as a digital platform for a recruitment consultancy. It acts as a bridge between employee and employer where one perfect candidate can find a perfect organization for his/her job requirements. On the other hand, recruitment consultancy can build a good relationship with the candidate and organization which ultimately meets the consultancy’s business objective.
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What was the challenge?

  • Our talented pool of developers has built this website with single page views on the latest WordPress version.
  • The website so designed is full-responsive and is compatible with all devices and tested by QA.
  • We have utilized an agile methodology to design and develop this ingenious portal. 
  • We have performed on-page SEO for this portal.
  • We have integrated live chat options in this portal which enables smooth communication with a candidate. An agent has the option to talk or use a chatbot to make a conversation with the candidate.
  • There is a newsletter & blog section provided to the website admin to keep the users updated about the latest happenings.

The solution we provided

  • Website admin has the privilege to post new jobs, blogs, and newsletters;
  • Gives an option to the admin to post a new opening on the website with job details;
  • Makes it easier for the candidates to apply for a job online and upload their CV with information in the application form;
  • We have made the entire website responsive to provide better user experience;
  • Implemented Google Map and chat function to make the conversation with candidates easier;
  • Gives instant updates to the admin whenever candidates apply for a job;
  • The design was initially created in PSD and then was integrated into WordPress for optimal results;
  • We have added Google Analytics to track the behavior of the visitor and get a detailed analysis of the website.

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