The LockRocksNY project, a jewellery-focused e-commerce store, approached Elsner Technologies with concerns about its website's unfriendly user interface, security issues with payment gateways, and inefficient manual product shipping. Elsner Technologies responded by upgrading the website to the enterprise-level Magento 2 version, focusing on enhancing frontend performance and optimizing page loading speed. The team integrated features such as the OWL carousel plugin for interactive sliders, PayPal for secure transactions, and FedEx and USPS for streamlined shipping. Additional improvements included Mailchimp for marketing efforts, a product zoom-in feature for a detailed examination, and a customizable ring design platform. These enhancements aimed to transform the overall user experience, security, and operational efficiency of the LockRocksNY e-commerce store.

About the Client and its industry

LoveRocksNY is an e-commerce website that operates within the fine jewellery industry, specializing in custom-made, ethically sourced diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. Built on the Magento platform, LoveRocksNY distinguishes itself by offering personalized rings while prioritizing social responsibility and ethical sourcing practices. The company is committed to providing customers with high-quality diamonds that are sourced ethically and sustainably, reflecting the growing demand for transparency and accountability in the jewellery industry. LoveRocksNY aims to revolutionize the way fine jewellery companies operate by combining craftsmanship with a dedication to social and environmental values, thereby setting a new standard for ethical practices in the industry.
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Problem statement

The lack of accessibility and user-friendliness in the application was a big concern! There was a need to establish a proper delivery chain for delivering the products safely and on time! Payment methods were not secure and customers were not getting their preferred options!

What was the challenge?

  • The client expressed dissatisfaction with the website’s user interface and overall user experience, describing it as unfriendly.

  • The client raised concerns about the safety and security of payment gateways, citing instances where transactions were processed, but the client did not receive payment. Customer complaints regarding unauthorized transactions were prevalent.

  • The client faced challenges with manual product shipping, leading to a lack of efficiency and a less secure delivery method.

The solution we provided

  • Elsner Technologies successfully revamped the client’s website, upgrading it to the enterprise Magento 2 version to enhance frontend performance and optimize page loading speed.

  • Our team integrated the OWL carousel plugin to craft engaging carousel sliders, ensuring an interactive user interface for an exceptional buying experience.

  • For secure online transactions, we seamlessly integrated PayPal as a reliable payment gateway, leveraging its diverse financing options and robust in-person payment solutions.

  • FedEx and USPS were integrated for shipping, offering customers the fastest delivery options at the click of a button.

  • To streamline online marketing efforts, we incorporated Mailchimp as a comprehensive platform for managing customer interactions and mailing lists.

  • To enhance the shopping experience, we introduced a product zoom-in feature, allowing customers to examine the precise details of product photographs closely.

  • Additionally, we integrated the jQuery migrate plugin to ensure seamless functionality of older code on newer jQuery versions.

  • To measure marketing effectiveness, Moat Analytics was employed, providing in-depth campaign verification and attention metrics across various channels, formats, and platforms.

  • Moreover, we developed a customizable platform enabling customers to design their rings by selecting metals and diamonds, and virtually trying them on for a personalised experience.


Elsner Technologies successfully transformed the client’s website by upgrading it to the enterprise-level Magento 2 version, resulting in a remarkable improvement in front-end performance. This optimization led to a significant reduction in page loading speed, achieving a remarkable loading time of 2.5 seconds.PayPal implementation increased secure transactions by 30%, while FedEx and USPS integration improved delivery speed, boosting customer satisfaction by 25%. Mailchimp streamlined marketing efforts, resulting in a 20% increase in engagement. The jQuery migration plugin ensured seamless functionality, contributing to a 20% decrease in bounce rates. The customizable ring design feature increased customer satisfaction, with a 30% rise in sales. The comprehensive overhaul significantly improved user experience, security, and sales metrics.

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