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Hive Chat aimed to develop a professional social media platform that strikes a balance between the formality of LinkedIn and the casual nature of Instagram. They wanted to include an appointment module for users to schedule professional chats with professionals such as doctors, dietitians, and astrologers. Users could post work-related or personal content, interact with others through comments and chats, connect with professionals, create teams, and upload team projects or collaborations. The platform aimed to be user-friendly by offering customizable themes. Subscription plans were available on a monthly and annual basis. To achieve this, the website was built using Ruby on Rails for the backend and ReactJS for the frontend. Various APIs were integrated for features like appointments and social media connections. Stripe was integrated for secure payment processing. Overall, the focus was on creating a user-friendly platform that could connect more users.

About the Client and its Industry:

Hive Chat, operates in the social media industry with a focus on professionalism and user-friendly features. They aim to provide a platform that bridges the gap between professional networking sites like LinkedIn and more casual platforms like Instagram. Hive Chat's target audience includes individuals seeking professional connections and advice, such as doctors, dietitians, astrologers, and other professionals.
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Problem statement

The challenge lies in creating an innovative platform that serves as a model for society, raising awareness about how social media can be used for professional careers, work, and business. The client requires an aesthetically pleasing user interface by prioritising that it should be more user-friendly. There was a need for seamless integration of APIs for various purposes like social media integration, Video player integration, Appointment features, and analytical reports of user profiles and accounts.

What was the challenge?

  • The website required sophisticated functionality such as appointment scheduling, chats, comments, reel upload, social media integration, creation of teams and many more.
  • Subscription models needed to be implemented for users with two plans that are monthly and annual subscription.
  • There was a need for high-quality graph representation to showcase the user’s account growth by displaying the information of likes, comments, posts and much more.
  • There was a need to keep the payment method smooth, safe, secure, and trustful for users.
  • A notification feature was to be added with the filter options.
  • There was a need to add the feature of banning other users to stop the heinous or vicious acts that can affect other users.

The solution we provided

  • With all these requirements we created a website using ReactJS as the frontend language and ROR(Ruby on Rails) as the backend language.
  • For payments, Stripe was integrated because it met all the expectations and requirements.
  • Using ROR(Ruby On Rails) and ReactJs the chart representation was made possible to display analytical reports of the user’s account.
  • This application and website can support multi-currencies.
  • There are features added that can help to grow business on this social media platform and users can connect to other users easily. Users can also add their website to this platform to showcase their business.
  • All the other famous social media are integrated with this platform so that users can update their content easily.
  • The Design of the website is aesthetically pleasing and also user-friendly so it can be easier for all the age groups of users to use it. This will increase the number of customers.


After implementation, Hive Chat reported an enhanced online image aligned with its market position as the best social media for both professional and unprofessional users. The website is a huge success. They got a good response and according to their expectations, 40% more customers started using their website. 75% of the customers who visited or used their website subscribed to their model. Many businesses and startups got the opportunity to grow due to Hive Chat.

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