Project Highlight

  • Intuitive, Pleasant & user-friendly and mobile-enabled UI
  • Implementation of all Magento 2 security features and patches
  • Customised shipping and payment management
  • Easy & fast checkout
  • Integrated of 3rd party extension
  • Advanced Search functionality

Solution Provided

  • Integrated breadcrumbs for users so that users can easily find the path from the home page to its current page.
  • Customized view of the products based on their type so it excludes no details to showcase to customers.
  • Integrated Amazon quick payout functionality for faster check out experience
  • Enabled social media links for clients where clients can directly share product details to its social media account.
  • Implemented menu with category description, images of best products category wise.
  • Integrated DHL shipping method extension for track shipment of successful delivery of the order. This shipping method is the most trusted shipping method in terms of cost & product delivery.
  • With integrating Paypal, admin can accept payments from global customers effortlessly and enhance the user experience of Paypal payment gateway.


Our Acknowledgements

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