Project Highlight

  • Fashion Categories defined according to different filter options.
  • Simplified link structure to browse fashion ideas related to available categories.
  • Each post has top ideas/options so get a variety of options.
  • Option to comment for the post so that visitors can easily interact.
  • Related posts can be easily browse by switching to the next or previous post.
  • Pop up notification related to ideas for which visitors are surfing. They can directly navigate to the post by a simple click.
  • Gallery option related to post to view ideas visually.
  • Get Quick notifications by subscribing to notification subscription list.

Solution Provided

  • We have designed UI/UX and browsing structure of the website in such as a way to play a huge role in helping visitors to get knowledge of trending fashion.
  • The improved conversation of the visitors; which has gained more visibility for the website. Which has increased chances to be sponsored by certain companies or brands.
  • Improved behavior with the help of social networking platforms.
  • Optimized space for the sponsor banners in such a way that visitors don’t get irritated because of ads and surfing experience remains at its best.
  • Added Module to manage sponsor banners, Paid packages for the Advertisement management.
  • Added automated smart responders so that comments get instantly approved and they get a response to the queries.
  • Added analytics to track visitor’s behavior to detect top categories, most surfed ideas for each industry/ category.


Our Acknowledgements

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