Employment Community Portal

Employment Community Portal is one of the largest employment provider in Australia, they deliver opportunities to the employers with the positive outcomes for both individuals and employers. The website empowers people through support, it’s a Training Organisation and provides vocational, educational and certified training services to individuals across the country.
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What was the challenge?

  • We have revamped existing website from WordPress to Drupal 8.
  • It has broad spectrum of the services for the employment, support and community, disability services.
  • Implementing supportive digital solutions including a CRM.
  • There was an appetite to engage with clients and potential clients through more diverse content, video, podcasts etc.
  • The current website was more of an online brochure. Text heavy, tightly formatted, language is technical, not user friendly.
  • We have done the Brand refreshment with the revamping of the website.

The solution we provided

  • Accessibility guidelines and display of information was a challenging part of the website.
  • Complexity of programs and diversity of audience as it has wide audience.
  • Need to follow Accessibility guidelines and display of information important.
  • Link in with the work about to start in implementing clickdimensions CRM.
  • The user to be able to go to website and easily understand and access relevant information.
  • Lacking tone of voice guidelines, and required to position to ensure authenticity, no corporate language style guide.

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